It seems like you never have the time or energy to get up and get your work out on. With a full day of class or work behind you, I’ve got a perfect solution.

You need something to rejuvenate you and give you that last push to finish up any loose ends left in the day. A quick, heart-pumping exercise can really make a difference around the waist and for your mental health too.

And did I mention… all of the videos below are 100 percent free! Try all of them out. What do you have to lose (besides that annoying pooch?)

yogaUse Hulu’s Health and Wellness section

Hulu is no longer just the place for your favorite hit TV shows like Smash, Bones or any of the Real Housewives series. You can also find a ton of good workouts in the Health and Wellness section. There are yoga, Pilates, some intense cardio sessions and more for your viewing pleasure. If you’re expecting, there are also exercises that are perfect for pregnant women. Remember, if you were trying to stay active before you found out you were expecting, it’s okay to keep your fitness up with your usual workout. But you should contact your doctor to make sure everything’s in order to stay in shape while your little bundle of joy grows.

Let Expert Village show you new moves

Expert Village is huge on YouTube. They have over 10,000 videos posted to their page. Expert Village is sort of like a video version of how-to books from back in the day. I linked to a page that’s specifically targeting those killer abs of yours. If you didn’t already know, you shouldn’t focus on one part of your body solely or for too long. Switch things up and try to tone or build up different parts of your bod. The videos range from 5 minutes to about 15 minutes. The videos that I love the most are commercial break ab exercises. They’re fun, quick and will give those times in your day some real meaning.

BeFit with your favorite celebs

This is for those of you that need something new to try almost every day. BeFit is also on YouTube (video catchall nowadays). You may recognize some faces in the videos. Yup, Billy Banks Jr. and even Jillian Michaels from NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Now some of these are extreme and will make you work a sweat from your own living room or bedroom. Look through the Popular Uploads list to see something that everyone else seems to enjoy.

Pinterest board filled with 100+ Zumba workouts

So this is just a simple Pinterest board that some awesome woman put together and I’m here to share it with you. There are over 130 Zumba videos at your fingertips. Zumba is a Latin dance inspired workout that keeps you moving and laughing with low impact. Zumba isn’t for those serious workout hosses out there, because it’s way too fun to stay serious two steps of the way in. Also, here’s a treat for you. This is my all time favorite Zumba video that will really get you hyped up.

Get ready to get fit!

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