We all want to eat healthy. The problem is, we are constantly bombarded with food advertisements, fast food and office desserts. Temptation is everywhere.

Healthy Dinner

Healthy Dinner | Courtesy SXC

It also doesn’t help that most people, who work 40+ hours a week and have families, simply do not have the time or energy to plan healthy eating and cook meals every day. Since eating healthy requires preparation and cooking, it can be an uphill battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule.

Eating healthy is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

How? Try these tips to make eating healthy easy and enjoyable:

1. Make Healthy Food Taste Delicious

When we think about healthy food, plain vegetables or tasteless lean meat come to mind, but these foods can taste delicious with the right blend of seasoning and sauces. There are plenty of tasty recipes packed with nutrients. Think outside of the box and cook up some amazing healthy recipes.

2. Try Quick Recipes

There’s no denying some recipes can appear intimidating and make cooking look time consuming. However, not every recipe requires hours and hours of prep work and cooking. There are quick recipes that make fast food look slow. These effortless recipes are perfect for the busy bee.

3. Pack Healthy Snacks

Instead of struggling to fight the cravings, take action to prevent them. When the tummy starts grumbling, it is oh so tempting to grab the nearest and quickest snack option. If you do not pack healthy snacks, there are usually limited options when you’re out and about. Plus, when you’re hungry, you’re most likely to crave sweet and salty snacks. To keep yourself from indulging in fast food or office candy, always have healthy snacks on hand. This is where having a purse is a huge plus. Pack fruit, veggies, whole grain crackers or simply an apple to satisfy your hunger. Once you eat a healthy snack, cravings will fade away quickly.

4. Make Cooking a Team Effort

Who said you had to be the only one preparing and cleaning up after meals? Plan and cook healthy meals with your family to get a few extra helping hands. Show your family recipes and ask what they would prefer to eat that week. Then, assign someone to pick up the ingredients, ask for help with cooking, and take turns washing dishes. It always helps to keep a weekly schedule on the fridge. Preparing meals together is a bonding experience and can also help influence kids to get into the habit of cooking healthy meals for when they get older.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a pain. It’s all about planning, finding the right recipes, and making cooking fun. Healthy food can be delicious and enjoyable. Plus, once you start feeling the health benefits, you will enjoy nutritional meals even more.

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