Halloween Snacks

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We all know Halloween is a time when kids dress up, go trick-or-treating, and usually load up on sugar. After collecting treats from door to door, kids usually have a full bag of candy to last all year long. That’s a lot of candy!

Although occasional sugary treats won’t do much harm, it’s still a good idea to provide some nutritious treats for the kids too.

When it comes to getting kids to eat healthy, sometimes the “trick” is making healthy “treats” fun to eat.

Get creative with these sweet,
nutritious Halloween snacks:

1. Monster Apple Bites

apples and oranges

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You cannot have Halloween without some monster snacks. For this recipe, you will turn sliced apples into scary monsters! All you need is apples, peanut butter, M&M’s (for the eyes) and almonds (for the teeth). The apples provide nutrients and powerful antioxidants while the small serving of peanut butter and candy still makes this snack desirable for children. Eat them up before they bite back!

2. Banana Ghosts

Your kids won’t be able to turn down a serving of fruit like this one. Turn a banana into a spooky ghost! Simply place the banana on a Popsicle stick and use candies or raisins to make the eyes and mouth. To make the ghosts more white, dipping them in coconut is a healthier option, but some recipes suggest covering the bananas in white chocolate. Chocolate does add more sugar, but your kids will still benefit from the banana’s potassium and fiber.

3. Jack-O-Lantern Oranges

Create a mini Jack-O-Lantern with oranges!  Use frosting or marker to draw a face on the orange peel. This is an easy one kids can help you make.

4. Hummus with Carrot Fingers

Ever have trouble getting your kids to eat vegetables? Make it fun with horrifying carrot fingers! All you need to do is cut 5 carrots into finger shapes, use almond slices for the finger nails, and stick the carrots in hummus. It will look like a creepy hand is coming out to grab you!

5. Popcorn Balls

This one is an quick recipe the little ones will love. Popcorn balls make it okay for kids to play with their food! Well, at least for a little while. You can make a popcorn ball using marshmallows or caramel. Then add food coloring to a popcorn ball to make it into a fun snack. Popcorn is a whole grain, so as long as the popcorn is not loaded with butter and salt, it can be healthy snack.

It can be a challenge to get kids to eat healthy. It helps to get creative with nutritious treats to make healthy eating fun. Ask your kids to help you make some of these snacks as an afternoon project. It’s a great way to spend time together and encourage healthy eating.

You may even want to ditch the candy and hand out these snacks to trick-or-treaters instead!


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