swimSwim season is here!

Swimming is not only fun, but it is also a great form of exercise. Doing a few exercises while swimming will help you burn more calories and tone up while enjoying a nice swim and sunshine at the same time!

We often focus on losing weight for summer, but it’s also important to maintain and keep making progress during the summer months. It’s all about staying consistent with exercising and healthy eating. Swimming is one of many fun summertime activities you can do to stay in shape.

Swimming is a safe, effective way to workout. It’s easy on the joints and provides more resistance to help you strengthen and tone your body.

These exercises will help you get in shape and tone up this summer:


Cardio will burn the most calories and is good for your overall health. Doing laps to start out is good exercise and will help you warm up for your workout. Switch between front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke to add variety. Do at least 10-15 laps each swim session.

Tricep Pushdowns

In summer, we often wear sleeveless shirts and dresses. Arm workouts will help you tone and build muscle so you can feel confident in your summer clothes. Grab foam water weights to try tricep pushdowns. Start with a wide stance and your arms straight in front of you on the surface of the water with one water weight in each hand. Then gradually push your arms down towards your legs while keeping them straight. Bring the weights back up slowly and repeat. Do about 10-12 reps. The resistance from the water will make it feel like you’re lifting regular weights, but it is a much safer approach and great for toning.

Bicep Curls

You can also tone arms with bicep curls. With a foam water weight in each hand, stand with your upper arms at your side and your forearms bent up. Make sure the water weights are above the surface. Pull the weights down with your forearms until your arms are as straight as possible. Bring your forearms back up and repeat. Try to keep your upper arm as steady and straight while practicing these curls. Do about 10-12 reps.


Kicking is a good workout for the legs and core muscles. A kick board will help you kick with good form while focusing on specific areas of your body. You can either kick in place or do laps across the pool. If you don’t have a kickboard available, you can grab onto the side of the pool and kick. While kicking, keep your body straight and abdominal muscles tight.


You’ll also want to tone up your legs to get ready for summer dresses. Doing small, quick jumps across the pool or in place will work out your legs and abdominals. Simply bend your legs and push off the ground gently.

You can practice these workouts at the gym or in a recreational pool. Even if you’re just enjoying a day in the sun, try to fit a few exercises in. It’s an effective way to exercise while having fun in the sun!

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