ID-10077660In the age of technology it’s not very surprising that it would find itself in the middle of your dating life. Sometimes it makes things harder where now you have to decode what your date is thinking by his texts, but now apps are here to the rescue! Just by the touch of your finger you can meet someone new, keep in touch through long distance, and more.

So we found five iPhone apps for different dating situations.

1. Getting through long distance: Couple (Free)

Long distance relationships are tough, but there are ways it can work. You miss out on so many little things when distance comes between you and your beau so to stay in touch in more ways than text download Couple (could otherwise be found in the app store as Pair)! This app links you up with your other half by messaging, sending videos and pictures (with the options of filters). There are other features where you can draw pictures together or by yourself, manage your scheduled dates, and thumb kiss.

Thumb kissing is a feature where both people touch their phones at the same time at the same place and your phone vibrates. It’s a very cool way to make your loved one feel physically closer.

2. Planning more interesting dates: Nifty Date Ideas $.99

Are you stuck in the dinner and a movie routine and need new ideas? The Nifty Date Ideas app gives cool date ideas that include indoor and outdoor activities. The ideas also range from affordable, romantic,  and creative so it’s great for any mood you’re in and your financial needs. You can also get conversation starters, a spin the bottle feature, and a video scavenger hunt.

3. Finding an excuse to leave: Date Escape $.99

This maybe particularly helpful for our blind and online daters. If you are getting to know someone on the first date, and you just know it’s not worth sticking around you no longer have to get your friends to give you an alibi for leaving! Date Escape will let you place fake calls and texts to your phone. If you are all about details then you can include photos and audio with your texts to make things more convincing, as well as, add a name, location, image, and wallpaper to your fake contacts. Are you flailing at your date and feeling awkward? This app may help because it also includes dating tips!

 4. Spicing it up in the bedroom: Kindu $1.99

For the sexually adventurous people, Kindu can be your new guide. This app has over 600 ideas to try out in the sack including role play, toys, positions, and more. Kindu lets you go through the ideas and give your response on how comfortable you are with them. Once your partner does the same it then matches you both to things you are both equally interested in which takes away some of the awkward conversation about sex. To protect your privacy there is a pass code feature so others won’t see what you’re into.

 5. Finding someone new: Dating DNA (Free)

This dating app takes many of your interests into consideration in order to find matches near you. Dating DNA is great for all sexual orientations, and keeps away the creeps by preventing people who wouldn’t be compatible with you from viewing your profile. There are monitors who get rid of frauds and questionable people to make finding a date more safe.

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