Acne can creep up on you when you least expect it. It’s usually around the time when you have a special occasion coming up such as a first date, a presentation at work or a wedding to attend. Sound familiar?


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Acne is usually associated with teenagers, but women in their 20s and 30s also struggle with acne. It’s something we cannot completely control because it’s related to genetics, age, hormones, stress, and so on.

Washing your face is an obvious solution, but sometimes, even when face washing every day, a few annoying pimples can pop up unannounced.

If you struggle with severe acne, it’s best to see a dermatologist to treat it. However, there are small ways you can take action to help prevent acne breakouts. If you’re someone who gets a small breakout here and there, there may be a few hidden causes.

5 simple ways to prevent breakouts:

1. Wash Your Pillow Frequently

Think about all the dirt, dead skin and germs building up in pillow fabric after every good nights sleep. You want to do all you can to keep your face clean. Since your pillow touches your face every night, you want to keep it clean too. When you wash your pillow, refrain from always using detergent, especially if you have sensitive skin. Just hot water and baking soda does the trick.

2. Avoid Touching Your Face

This is a hard one, especially if you keep breaking out. It’s a challenge to avoid popping or picking at pimples when all you want to do is make them disappear, but touching your face can only lead to more breakouts. Be conscious about touching your face and refrain from popping pimples. The pimples will clear away on their own.

3. Clean Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone collects oil and dirt every day in your purse, on your desk and from your fingertips. Keep a handy electronic cleaner and towel nearby so you can wipe off your phone before use.

4. Lightly Apply Make-Up

Applying foundation heavily on the face can clog pores. Women love to use make up , but some make up can cause acne, especially when heavily applied every day. It’s best to talk with a beauty consultant to find a foundation for your skin type.

5. Adjust Your Diet

Recent studies have found that breakouts can be tied to certain foods. If you think your diet could be linked to your breakouts, try keeping a food journal for a few months to help determine which foods could be giving you pimples. Then make adjustments to your diet and see if you notice a change.

Acne is never fun. Maybe the solution to a common problem can be simple.

Give the above tips a try to see if any work for you.

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