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Any traumatic life experience can be solved with a good makeover, especially a break up. Unfortunately, the emotional vulnerability after a harsh split can cause women to experience a disaster break up makeover.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get a successful break up makeover.

1. Don’t do it yourself

Whatever you do, do not put yourself in your own hands. After a break up, you are fragile, vulnerable and maybe even a little deranged. While binge cleaning at 3 a.m. is a completely harmless post-break up activity, taking a pair of scissors to your hair or deciding that you really should go blonde will only end in an expensive trip to the salon. Leave it to the professionals, there is a reason beauty school exists.

2. Use a trusted hair dresser

If you fought the crave to do a D-I-Y makeover, you also need to quell the temptation to using the first person with a pair of clippers in hand. A random stylist does not know you or the style you typically are comfortable with. They won’t know if shaving your hair is a sign of a Miley Cyrus transformation or Britney Spears meltdown. A hair dresser that knows you will be more familiar with your face shape and skin tone and therefore have a better idea of what cuts and colors work best for your hair.

3. Consult a friend

Best friends were created to stop you from doing anything too stupid. Even if they did slip up and let you date what’s-his-name, they have your best interests in mind. Especially when it comes to makeovers. Before going to a hairdresser, tell your best friend what you want to have done. Even better, show them a picture.

4. Research

Blunt straight-across bangs do not look good on everyone. Even if you are obsessed with a haircut, it unfortunately might not be suited for you. Luckily the Internet is full of websites and images that can help you imagine how you might look with a certain haircut or color. Although most makeover sites are not the most accurate depiction of what your new ‘do will look like, Googling celebrities with similar features will help give you an idea of what your break up makeover will resemble.

5. Sleep on it

A brilliant idea that struck at 1 a.m. after watching a “Girl Code” marathon might not be so brilliant the morning after. If your idea still sounds jaw-dropping the next day, call your hair dresser and make an appointment…later that week. Give the idea a few days to settle in your mind and to look at other hairstyles. Waiting a few days will only make you love the hairstyle more or will give you a few days to find an even better one.

If you followed the steps above and still aren’t completely satisfied with the results, revisit step five. Sometimes a haircut takes a few days before you can fully appreciate it. Bangs look better a few days after a cut because they have time to settles and look more natural. Color is at its most saturated the first few days after a color job. Waiting a few days before a re-makeover gives both you and your have time to adjust to the new you.

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