It’s almost holiday season! It’s a joyful, fun and exciting time of year, but it can also be a dreadful time for those trying to lose or maintain weight.

Between the holiday parties, family get-togethers and office celebrations, it can be a challenge to stick to a healthy diet.

Holiday Dinner

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Indulging during the holidays can have it’s consequences. The extra calorie intake combined with less exercise from a busy schedule can add up quickly and lead to weight gain.

You can still enjoy the holiday season food while maintaining weight by being conscious of what you’re eating and keeping track of how much you’re eating.

Follow these tips for maintaining weight this holiday season:

1. Eat a healthy snack before a holiday party

Avoid going to a holiday party on an empty stomach. When hungry, you’re more likely to pile unhealthy food on your plate. Munch on a healthy snack such as an apple, nuts or whole grain crackers to keep yourself from overeating later. Also, keep yourself from hanging around the food table. It makes it too easy to get caught up in snacking.

2. Stop eating once you feel full

It’s tempting to go for seconds with all the variety of delicious food around you. Once you satisfy your hunger, stop there. There’s no need to continue eating just because the food is available. If you do have the urge to get seconds, limit yourself to only one or two healthy side dishes.

3. Avoid drinking calories

Beverages add on unnecessary calories. It’s best to stick with water to avoid drinking calories. If you want to enjoy a cocktail or two at a holiday party, go for a low-calorie option.

4. Bring a healthy dish

You may not be able to control what others bring to the party, but you can bring your own healthy dish to share. Bring something you know you’ll enjoy eating. It’s likely there will be other healthy options, but this way you are guaranteed at least one healthy option on your plate.

5. Skip the high calorie desserts

Desserts are always tempting, but there are ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without eating a high calorie dessert. Fruit or jello are typical dishes served at family gatherings or holiday parties. Instead of eating these foods during the meal, save these types of light, sweet sides for last. Then when you’re craving something sweet after the meal, you can have a healthy and sweet option for dessert.

In all, during the holiday season, it’s better to focus more on maintaining weight than losing weight because you still want to enjoy the season and time with family. To maintain weight, you can still eat delicious food, but simply avoid over eating and indulging too much. Happy holidays!

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