Winter is usually the time when lips get extra dry and chapped.

Of course, women want their lips to look and feel smooth. When lips feel soft and moisturized, it’s easier to apply lipstick and feel confident about your pout.

Chapped or cracked lips can not only make us feel insecure, but it can be painful. With winter right around the corner, you will want to do all you can to prevent and treat chapped lips.

Prevent chapped lips

Prevent chapped lips

Here’s 5 tips you can follow to care for your lips this winter:

1. Protect Lips

Apply a protecting lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the dry air when going out in the cold. Beeswax is one great option to protect lips from the cold air. Also, wear a scarf when outdoors to protect your lips and lower face from the harsh winter wind.

2. Apply Oil

Natural oils such as grapeseed or olive oil can keep your lips hydrated and smooth. Simply dab some on in the morning and before you go to bed to maintain soft lips.

3. Drink Water

Water will hydrate your whole body, including your lips. Always have a water bottle available to drink throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Exfoliate

Gently rub a sugar scrub with a wash cloth to exfoliate your lips.  Avoid using any products such as face wash on lips because these products can increase dryness. Simply rub away any dead skin cells to make room for new, healthy skin cells.

5. Avoid Licking Lips

It may seem to help moisturize, but licking lips actually drys lips out more. To prevent yourself from continually licking, apply an non-flavored lip balm throughout the day. You most likely will avoid licking the lip balm, plus lips will feel moisturized so you won’t feel a need to do so.

Lips can stay soft and beautiful, even during the winter months. It just takes a little bit of care to keep lips looking and feeling great.

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