Whether you’ve been smoking for a few months or a several years, quitting smoking is a challenge for anyone. It is an addiction mentally and physically.

Even though it’s a challenge, it can be very rewarding. Once you quit, you will feel healthier and happier.  The day that you wake up without wanting to smoke, you can feel like you truly accomplished something great for yourself and your family.

Follow these 5 tips on how to quit smoking:


How to stop cigarette smoking. Free Digital Photos

1. Make a plan

Just like with dieting and exercising, a plan will help you stick to quitting. Set a date and decide if you want to take medicines or nicotine replacements to help. You may also want to go to a class, support meeting or read a some books to help you quit. Get yourself ready because once you reach the date to start, you will need to feel prepared and motivated.

2. Ask for support

Tell your friends and family about your plan. This is especially important if any one around you smokes. You want to let them know so they do not ask you if you want to have a cigarette. It’s also important because you need the support. These are the people closest to you who will be able to give you encouragement.

3. Step outside of your usual routine

If you’ve been smoking for a long time, smoking is most likely part of your daily routine. This is when it a challenge mentally to quit because you are used to smoking at certain times of the day such as during lunch breaks, while drinking coffee or while driving in your car. Step outside of your usually routine to keep yourself from feeling the urge to smoke. Stay inside during lunch break, drink tea instead of coffee and take a different route to work. This will help you stay away from your old habits.

4. Avoid alcohol

People tend to smoke more when drinking alcohol. Once you start drinking you may crave a cigarette even more. It’s best to avoid alcohol while trying to quit to keep yourself from slipping.

5. Get active

Being active and exercising will help keep your mind off smoking. Exercise usually helps motivate us to eat healthier and, in turn, can decrease your desire to smoke. Plus, the busier you are, the less likely you will think about smoking.

Quitting smoking takes time and effort. You have to truly want to quit to make it happen. Also, you have to stay dedicated and tell yourself even one cigarette is not okay. You have to be mentally prepared because it’s just as hard on the mind as it is physically to quit.


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