Relationships are hard and long distance relationships can be even harder.


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It takes a committed, communicative couple to last the span of time and distance. If you’re like me, you probably get the question “how do you two keep up your relationship living in different states?” After a couple of LDRs, I feel my advice on keeping the romance alive and staying connected can really help new or veteran couples.

Set up regular dates

I believe the biggest thing that breaks up a LDR couple is timing and schedules. If you’ve found yourself in the same time zone, consider yourself lucky. Set up dates that make both of you happy miles and miles away. For example, find movies/shows online or on TV that you both enjoy. Sign in to Skype and adjust your volumes on both sides. It’ll get easier once you figure it out, but enjoying a quick flick with your honey can give you one more thing to talk about.

Go old school

Letters are not a thing of the past when it comes to LDRs. Who doesn’t love surprise mail? Ninety nine cent “Thinking of You” cards can go a long way when you’re feeling the strain. And if you receive a thoughtful gift, make it reciprocal– send a letter or even an e-card back to let them know they’re appreciated.

Prepping for long flights & car rides

You’ll eventually visit your lover (even if the next time feels like forever). A huge difficulty is making those trips cost-efficient. Here are a few of the sites I use to make sure I’m getting the best deal. Spirit Airlines offers great deals on flights– some less than 200 bucks. Sign up for their email alerts to call dibs on cheap flights. If you’re into comparing airlines, Bing has a flight cost predictor that works for most airports/airlines. And lastly, if you’re close enough to drive to your boyfriend or girlfriend, use AAA’s fuel cost calculator. You enter in your starting city, destination, car information and AAA gives you an estimate on how much cash you’ll spend on gas.

Connect on multiple platforms

Texts and phone calls are not the only way to keep your relationship tight. Apps and games can keep up healthy competition. Download a new game that you two can play whenever you find the time. It’s a stress reliever for you and is also an exciting game between you and a loved one. Besides, who doesn’t love to win a few games of Draw Something or Ruzzle? If you’re planning a wedding, tell your fiancé to put his man card on the table and sign up for Pinterest. There are tons of cool ideas for soon-to-be husbands for the big day. And tell him once he finds the perfect grooms cake, pin it and send off a sketch to the baker.

Goodnight, Skype

This tip isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the only hours you’re able to talk during a busy work schedule are at midnight or at the crack of dawn. Fall asleep with your mate on Skype or FaceTime. It may seem creepy for some couples, but why not give it a try? Seeing your partner when you wake up can make your day a whole lot better. Come on. Give it a test run.

Make an effort

All of these tips involve trying, giving and staying present. If your partner senses that you’re trying to make a positive difference, they’ll keep you for a very long time. LDRs aren’t as easy, but if you’re with “the one” you’ll find that testing out a few of these tips may seem effortless.

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