We all know how important it is to keep water a constant and high priority in your diet. Some of us get ecstatic when we realize we’ve drank a few cups of water, but the reality is that doctors recommend women to have at least 8 cups of water every day.

The perfect amount of water depends on how much exercise you’re getting in, your health and even the environment that you’re in.

A good way to gauge whether or not you’re close to getting enough water is by checking out your urine. If it’s clear, you’re… in the clear!

Here are seven ways you can introduce more water into your diet. They’re all very simple and will leave you hydrated, healthy and happy.

Spice up your water

Usually the nonexistent taste of water is what keeps some women away from the lovely liquid. So, what about a quick flavor to spice up your drink? Cut up some lemon and put the pieces in a sandwich bag for storage. Grab a slice for each glass and drop it in your water for a simple kick. Feeling adventurous? Try cucumber too! It’s super refreshing and all natural. There are obviously a lot of sweeteners out on the market, but beware of hidden ingredients that aren’t good for you.

Reward yourself

If you make yourself a goal and reach it, you deserve a reward. Make a bath instead of a shower. Treat yourself with 30 minutes alone, curled up with a good book. If I knew that drinking my goal amount of water every day means extra time splurging on myself, I would make sure I hit my mark. Think of things that make you happy that you may not have time for and treat yourself after re-hydrating all day long.

Make it a competition

That competitive spirit that’s inside of all of us can come out when we least expect it. A water competition may be one of those times. Get a group of friends, coworkers or even your partner and set up a competition. It’s a fun way to drink your way to good health and can keep up your promise of taking in more water. Drinking too much water isn’t common, but be careful to not get too carried away.

Set an alarm

Oh, it’s noon? Water break. It’s 3 o’clock already? Another water break. Set up alarms on your phone telling you when you need to refill your water bottle. As your day presses forward full speed ahead, sometimes you need a little reminder to stay healthy. While you’re at it, make the alarm ringtone the sounds of dripping water– just for a funny story if anyone asks the reason for the alarm.

Snack on water

Make water your snack throughout the day. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us making it seem like we’re hungry for food when we’re actually just thirsty. Grab your water bottle before you pick up a snack and if you still need an extra bit of food, listen to your tummy and eat. Be sure to let the water settle first though. You’ll really see the difference with this zero calorie snack. (How often can you say that?)

Buy an awesome reusable water bottle

I use a CamelBak water bottle and I swear it’s one of the main reasons I started drinking more water. I love drinking out of the bite valve and it makes something so simple very unique. Pick something that you’ll love to show off whether that’s a cool color or fun design. Also, you’re helping the environment by drinking out of a reusable bottle rather than a one-time-use bottle.

Create a water chart

A water chart will put your daily water intake on blast. Make it big or small but make one. You can do it day-by-day or weekly. Put check marks or maybe smiley faces by each day that corresponds with how many cups you’ve drank. This is a great way to show off your achievements or remind you to pick your game (and glass) up.

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