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Why does it seem that no matter where we go we are always competing for something? We could be out with a friend and yet we will always find a way to one up them. It’s like we can’t allow our friends to have the bigger news. And even if they do, we have to find some way of trumping their deck of cards.

Say for example we have some amazing news and the first thing we want to do is to share it with our friends. All we can think about is our news and our win. So, we go out to lunch with some friends and we share the news. And what is one of the first thing that we expect will happen? That there will be nothing but congratulations and adulation coming from them for the next several days. I mean we get off on it somehow.  But is there something else that we are getting off on too and may not even know it?

Could we be getting off on the competition?

When we get some great news the first thing we think of is that it has to do with us. It becomes all about us. But what about our friends and what they may want to share? Do we even consider this at all in our plan. I mean one of them may have some exciting news to share too, but yet do we really have an interest in hearing about it? Are we so addicted to the competition, even among friends, that something else bigger takes hold?

If our friends have amazing news to share, some of tend to just sit there and think “How could she upstage me? I mean it was supposed to be about me!”

Do we ever share these thoughts?

Well maybe when no one is around, but we don’t really share with our friends the way we are truly feeling. Why? Because we don’t want them to feel that we are being catty and petty.

Here we are supposed to be friends and sharing in moments together, but it takes only 5 seconds of negative emotion, greed, and callous behavior to wipe that all away. Why is it that we can’t admit to being shallow and competitive? I mean we have no problem admitting it to the rest of the world that we get jealous and competitive. When it comes to our friendships we just can’t be that honest. It’s almost like it is a secret code that no one is to speak of, ever!

Is all of this behavior due to the fact that only want good things to come from our lives and no one else. I mean when a friend does share some amazing news what is one of the first things that we think…”Oh, why couldn’t that have happened to me?” Instead of being happy and supportive we turn ugly and disgusting. Instead of begin grateful for what we have and what others have in their life we somehow start to feel the opposite. This is basic psychology that no one really stops to consider. Is that because we don’t want others to see the real side of us? Instead of our real side being equal in our support our side turns deadly and full of disdain.

When it comes to friendships, why can’t we just be happy for each other’s success?

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