Imagine you are cleaning out your closet and you find that cute top that you used to wear, but you just leave it in the closet now.

We look at the top with an ambiguous curiosity.

It’s something that we did wear a while back, but now we just kind of let it sit there. It’s so cute and so sexy and we keep telling ourselves that we will wear it again, someday. But that someday never comes or even if it does we just let it sit there and we choose something else to wear instead.

Ladies, we have all been here before so this story should come as no surprise. We used to get fulfillment out if it, but now, even if we put it on, we just sigh and say “yeah, um no”. So what exactly happened between those years of buying it and wearing and now? What happened to make us just shrug off that cute little top of ours? I mean did we simply just lose interest in it over time and how it made us feel? Or are we just simply too afraid to let it go?

For those of you who understand what I’m trying to say, you will also figure out that I’m speaking up about relationships too.


Why is that we are so afraid to let something or someone go. If we know in our hearts that he is no longer making us happy, then why do we continue to hang on. And also think about this situation. Say you are trying to spice things up with your man and you are telling your friends everything that you are going to do.

But let’s say they just give you this look of “Why?” In their heads they can see that it is over and yet you can not. Is it merely denial or are we too scared to say goodbye?

I mean there comes a time in every relationship when you just know in your heart that it is over and yet you can’t bring yourself to do it. Is it because we are secretly afraid of the next person who will get to have him? Are we secretly holding on to hope that we can salvage something, even if there is nothing there to be salvaged? Why are we so afraid of the next person that will get him? Is it because we secretly only want those memories of him belonging to us and us alone? We just don’t want to share that person with someone else, even if it means that he could be happier with them than with us.

If the sparks are not there and we know in our hearts that we should let him go, than why is it we continue to fight for that thing called denial?

Maybe we are secretly hoping that things will work out and it will go back to the way it used to be.

But let’s be honest, even we know deep down inside that this is not true,.

Hearts sometimes just stop and there is nothing we can do or say. So instead of wanting him to be happy with someone else why do we wish for him to be miserable with us?

What is it about that once cute top that begs us to hold on?

Why are we happier keeping him hung up in a closet instead of happy with someone else?

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