“Hey baby, what’s your sign?”

The eye-roll-inducing pickup line is a source of annoyance for any girl. Although the line isn’t the most efficient way to meet your next significant other, it does raise a question:

Does astrology affect our love lives?

Before you answer with a flat-out “no” and click the back button, think about it. Have you ever read a horoscope or some type of compatibility report between two signs? Even if you don’t completely believe in astrology, chances are you still have read some kind of report with an ounce of hope.

Personally, I love checking my horoscope and reading about my sign. My friend and I even would check our horoscopes before a big night out. But we rarely took them to heart. Although there have been instances of a horoscope matching up to how my day went, I have never believed it to be the sole determiner. As for astrological signs, I have a little bit more faith in that.

I am a Capricorn

Which means I am stubborn, work obsessed, introverted and loyal. For the most part, Capricorn traits describe me pretty well. Something that tended to carry over in my love life. As a Capricorn, I am the most compatible with Virgos, Tauruses and Scorpios. Coincidentally (or not), the best two relationships I have been in were with a Virgo and a Scorpio. Like me, both individuals fit their sun sign descriptions perfectly.

But was the success of those relationships determined by their sun signs? I sincerely doubt it. After four years, I reconnected with Virgo of my dreams. Based off our astrology, our compatibility and chemistry should have been just as strong.


We were constantly at each other’s throats and the relationship ended quickly and badly. Obviously, my Capricorn and his Virgo did not have a relationship written in the stars.

But if astrology doesn’t matter, then why do we still consult it?

In the case of my friend and I, I believe we just wanted some inkling of what to expect. Even if my horoscope read “All the guys at the bars will laugh at your outfit and dump drinks on you” I would’ve laughed it off and still gone out. I wouldn’t avoid the bar and cower whenever a male walked by with a beer. Likewise, when I read a horoscope about a “lucky in love” night, I wouldn’t walk over to my crush and confess just how cute he is when he smiles.

Astrology provides a buffer between the future and the unknown. People like to have some knowledge of what’s to come, and astrology gives them that. Sun signs allow people to predict how another person will behave, and gives them an explanation behind their own traits. By checking their horoscopes people are also able to have a vague explanation for what to expect in a day, week, or even a year, and that’s comforting.

Whether or not you believe your love is written in the stars, you shouldn’t let something as small as a compatibility report or a horoscope completely dictate your relationship.

Do you believe in astrology? Do you ever check your horoscope or compatibility reports? Why do you think people like to read about astrology?

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