food-substitutesRecently Subway launched a commercial dedicated to the avocado. In what the brand dubs as “avocado season”, the advertisement comically aims to sell avocado to customers, as a healthy add-on alternative to their sandwich order. While not everyone might rush to Subway to order a foot long with avocado after watching the commercial, there are some important things you should know about this fruit.

And yes, I did say fruit. While avocados have a savory taste and are prepared in recipes like salads, avocados are not vegetables. This superfood grows on a vine and is usually harvested in tropical climates, such as California, Hawaii, and Florida. The pear shaped fruit is considered to contain “healthy fat”, which has made the avocado increasingly appealing to recent diet fads and health conscious recipes. This healthy fat is called ‘monounsaturated’ and avocados are chock full of it – 50% to be exact, according to the Hass Avocado Board. The fruit is also known to be nutrient rich and low in cholesterol, which is great for your heart health! According to the American Heart Association, to promote and maintain a healthy heart, one must choose a diet low (to moderate) in fat. Because avocados contain low amounts of saturated fats, they are a perfect example of how to meet such requirements for good heart health. And, it even¬†gets better – avocados are also sodium free and a great source of fiber!

If you’re not convinced by Subway…

We’ve searched the web to bring you fun and easy ways to add avocado to your diet.

When it comes to lunch, be aware that you can add avocado to almost any meal option. Avocado slices compliment a burger perfectly. Many California-style burgers include avocado as an essential piece to the puzzle. If you enjoy something a little lighter, try a turkey wrap or grilled chicken inspired sandwich with sliced avocado as a key ingredient. Nothing beats the savory taste of an avocado – and if you choose to use it as a spread, it’s a healthy alternative to mayonnaise or other fatty condiments you might want to avoid for sake of diet and health. And of course, you’re probably no stranger to throwing avocado on any salad. Adding avocado to a grilled shrimp Mexican-style salad, or a more classic grilled chicken salad with all the fixings, is always a healthy treat.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy it as a snack, check out these guacamole recipes from Hass Avocado. Cajun, cranberry, even ¬†Greek guacamole, there is never a dull way to prepare this dip, or enjoy it. Whether you’re entertaining a house full of guests or just snacking on some multigrain tortilla chips solo, avocados make these flavorful guacamole recipes possible.

And if you are extra adventurous in the kitchen, you can even add it to your baked goods. There are countless recipes on the Internet that suggest using avocado as a substitute for dairy or oil in your muffins, cookies and even cake recipes. Check this one out, posted on Kitchen Aid’s blog. The veggie can help taste as well as consistency – making batter creamier and cookies chewier!

If avocado isn’t a superfood, we don’t know what is.

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