Best Way To Lose Weight

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The idea for this article came from two different sources.

  • One, from this paper I’m writing for my one college class right now.
  • Second, my significant other.

He actually put the idea into my head without even knowing it. The weight issue is something that has been galvanizing our society sense day one. There are those who look in the mirror and for the most part, like what they see. There are those who look in the mirror everyday and hate everything that they see.

Some feel they are too fat. Some feel they are too thin.

But do any of us ever say to ourselves “I’m happy with what I see?” I’m going to go out on  a limb here and say no. For many of us women out there, we face the war on our bodies on a daily basis. I mean we struggle to either gain weight or lose weight. I knew this one girl who was a size zero and she tried in vain to gain weight, and yet nothing would happen. I have also known girls who thought they were too fat, when in fact they looked just fine. Take Jennifer Lawrence as an example. I mean so many call her fat and plump when in fact she looks great. Her body is fine for her size and she looks fabulous. So why do so many get up in arms with the way she looks?

Why does our society stick it’s nose in where it doesn’t belong?

If you are too big-boned, you are labeled a fat slob. If you are a curvy woman, you are seen as not model material. Yet, if you are an unhealthy size 2 then you are praised for the way you look?

What bothers me most is that so many young women and some young men feel they have to stack up next to these models in the magazine, with the perfect hair and the perfect body.

I know I have touched on the “perfect” aspect before in other stories, but it’s true, our society is obsessed with being perfect in every way. I got to say, it’s disgusting. What’s worse is that so many young women will starve themselves and go on crash diets in order to fit this image. But the irony of it all is that most of those so-called model pictures, that we wished were us are air-brushed.

Those pictures that you choose to emulate because you wished you looked like them are air-brushed!

This is the type of control our society has over us. If we don’t look air-brushed and we have hair in all the wrong places, we are perceived as the social outcasts. Why do we go on crash diets, instead of just trying to stay healthy through eating right and exercise? Why can’t we except our bodies for what they are and what they look like?

If you’re spiritual: If God made us in his image, why do we go out of our way to destroy that image?

What about the external locust of control?

Many of us say that we don’t care what people think, and yet so many of us do. So many of us seek outside approval for something that we shouldn’t be seeking outside approval for. If getting in a good 2 mile run every other day works for us, why can’t it work for the rest of the world.

Why does our society portray the cookie-cutter image as the way to go? If we could care less about what others think of us, why do we spend so much time and effort in the most unhealthy ways trying to conform with what society desires from us?

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the best way to live a happier and longer life.

Who cares what others think!

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