Are you making healthy changes in your lifestyle, but also want your kids on board?

We all want what’s best for our family, but sometimes it can feel like pulling teeth to encourage others to live healthier. I mean, have you ever tried to get a child to eat vegetables? That’s not an easy task.

It’s important to understand that your family can make changes too, but they may not make all the changes you’re making in your life. Sometimes, just small lifestyle changes are a great way to start without discouraging kids.

Concerned about your children’s health? Follow these tips to encourage your kids to make healthy choices with you:

1.  Make exercise a family activity

Exercising alone can be boring. Making exercise a fun family activity will help kids get excited about exercising. Go for a bike ride, take your pooch for a walk, or go hiking. It’s a great way to spend quality time together while being active.

children's health

Dealing with children’s health.

2. Go grocery shopping together

Children like to follow what their parents do. Grocery shopping with your family will allow you to encourage your children to choose healthy food. Explain the difference between processed food and whole natural food. Your children may still want to go down the candy aisle, but as long as your cart is mostly filled with healthy food that your children helped pick out, you are making progress. Healthy grocery shopping early on could make a positive impact on your children’s food choices when they get older.

3. Get kids excited about healthy food

Make fun healthy treats and meals with your kids such as vegetable alphabet soup or smoothies. If your children play a part in making the food, they will look forward to eating it. There are plenty of fun and delicious recipes you could make with your kids.

4. Reward kids for healthy eating

Small rewards help put a positive light on healthy eating. Vegetables will no longer seem like a punishment to kids. It can be a small reward like a chance to watch a TV show after dinner. You could also have a point system where you give your kids points every time they finish a full nutritious meal. Be creative and try a few different approaches to find what works best for your family.

5. Eat fruit for dessert

Make it a routine for your kids to pick out their favorite fruit after dinner. Kids usually like the sweet taste of fruit and will love having the option to choose their own. This will also help improve your children’s health because they are sure to eat at least one serving of fruit a day.

6. Have kids help pack lunch

Just like grocery shopping, keeping kids involved with food choices will allow you to encourage healthy eating. If you try to force kids to eat something, they may fight back. If children pick out their own food, they won’t have negative feelings about it because it is a choice they made for themselves.

Overall, parents can teach kids the importance of making healthy choices and about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise. To encourage kids to make healthy choices, it’s essential to include them in the meal planning process while making both healthy eating and exercise fun for kids.




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