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Remember those days of spring cleaning, when you would go through the house and clean out the clutter?

Well, those days still do exist and we know them all too well.

But is cleaning out the clutter a metaphor for something deeper?

That time when you go through the closet and see what fits and what doesn’t anymore.

You see what is still hanging in your closet merely to just make a statement. That statement being “I have it just for the sake of having it” or “I have it in case I will wear it, but most likely I will not”.  I know some of you will be shaking your heads and rolling your eyes, because you know this to be true.

We go through our closets and make those tough choices. Do I keep this item or do I give I away? But when we go through these emotions are they symbolizing other aspects of our lives too. Are we holding onto something that we don’t want anymore? With a closet we can just go in and clean out the clothes and give them to good will right away, but with our other emotions it’s just not that easy.

In our closet of emotions, so many things are left hanging in the balance.

Some emotions are really tight and hard to get too, others are a bit more loose when it comes to the shape and size.

Some emotions are full of clutter and disorganization.

Also think about our colors that we wear.

The next time we clean out the closet take notice of how we arrange it and the types of clothes that are hanging from the wire.

Are we holding onto old emotions and baggage merely because we want to? Or because we have to?

When we hold onto these old emotions what does that say about the other clothes in our closet? What we wear says as much about us as the what we feel. If we wear a lot of dark and moody colors, that can be telling sign. It can be sign that there is something we are trying to hide from ourselves and the rest of the world. Could it maybe also be an article of clothing that an old boyfriend gave to us and we are afraid to let it go.  What is that trying to tell us? Is hanging onto this old color or this ratty old shirt a sign that we haven’t moved on from something from the past?

Are we holding onto this shirt because deep down inside we hope those old emotions can be healed with that person? By holding onto this shirt we are holding out hope of forgiveness over a grievance or a wronged accusation.  The clothes we wear hold many memories that stay attached. By wearing that old t-shirt and not adding it to the pile that needs to be recycled we are not moving forward.

What if our emotions and the walls that we have built up over time won’t allow us to move forward?  What if cleaning out the closet is not seen as a cleansing and purifying process, but it’s only seen as a limited journey. A journey that takes us deep into our subconscious.

A journey that leaves us terrified and alone.

When it comes to emotions, why are some things better left hanging in the closet?

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