woman-workingI was watching one of my favorite movies the other night and there was a line in there that really struck me. It went something like this

Nigel: Excuse me; can we adjust the attitude a little bit?

Andie: I’m sorry.

Nigel: Don’t make me feed you to one of the models.

Andie: I’m sorry. It’s just been a rough day. My personal life is hanging by a thread, that’s all.

Nigel: Welcome to the club, sweetheart. That’s what happens when you start doing well at work. Let me know when your personal life is up in smoke that means it’s time for a promotion!

Now of course this is just movie dialog, but is there some sort of truth to this situation. A career is very important but is it too important in some cases. I mean we do everything that we have to in order to make a name for ourselves when it comes to work. Is there a downfall to this? Are we secretly sabotaging everything that we could have personally in favor of the professional side of things?

It’s a well known fact that many will escape through work, especially during rough times. We feel that need to escape and place our thoughts into something else. We get mad at our kids or husband or boyfriend and we choose work as escapism. But when you go home at night you may start to notice that the problem hasn’t been resolved. In fact, it is still there. We assume that during the work hours the issues will just magically disappear and that everything will be okay. But it doesn’t work that way. If you want success in both areas, you have to work for them day and night.

Now the question does come up about having it all.

The truth is in some cases we can have it all, but it may not happen the way you expect it to. Truth is we all have to do a bit of sacrificing, on both ends. You will have to come to terms which is more important. Some may say that they don’t know how to save their personal issues. Truth is there is always a way to save your personal life.  The more important question is do you want to. For many, that is a scary thought. This question makes you dig deep to figure out where you truly stand.

In answering this question, you find out where your heart truly lies.  I knew a woman a while ago that was always at work. Even if she took a vacation she never spent the time at home. She always found a reason to be elsewhere. In a way, that is a very sad and telling sign.

Work affords us certain luxuries.

It allows us to live and give our family certain things that they couldn’t have otherwise. But what is the price that we pay for this? Are we paying the price of not focusing on ourselves and our own personal growth? Are paying the price of not focusing on our loved ones as much as we would want? These may seem like simple questions but they really are not.

When times get tough at home and we escape through work. Is the pay off of reducing our personal freedom and the relationship we have with the ones we love, a corporate promotion.  As we move up the ladder and get accolades from those we work with are we slowly losing credibility with the people that really matter.

In the end is the pay off worth it?

When it comes to personal and professional, why can’t we be as diligent in the personal as we are with the professional?

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