A lot of people at the grocery store stop me, look into my basket and ask me to describe what hummus is and what to eat with it.


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Hummus is a mix of ground, spreadable chick peas (or garbanzo beans) and spices. Hummus is a quick healthy snack that can be paired with almost anything. It looks very plain and bland with its nude color, but once you give it a chance, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing. Also, it’s surprisingly filling.

There’s an array of flavors when it comes to hummus. I like spice and kick so I stick with Sabra’s Supremely Spicy Hummus. My mom and dad love Roasted Red Pepper, but maybe original is right for you. Plus, 2 tablespoons equal only 70 calories.

The easiest way to figure out what flavor you want to test run is by picking your fixin’ first. Below are eight choices:

1. Crackers

I usually eat hummus with reduced fat wheat thins. It’s easy to spread or dip your cracker into the hummus. I like the crunch that the cracker has compared to pita bread when you want something light to snack on.

2. Crunchy veggies

Vegetables with hummus are just to die for. I usually grab a bag of carrots and scoop some hummus in another bag for a light 3 p.m. snack at my desk. The crunchier the vegetable, the better. Snatch up some carrots, celery or cucumbers and give it a try. This is way, way better and healthier than your regular Ranch dip. You could even get a little daring and try sliced red peppers with hummus

3. Pita bread or tortilla

Now pita bread and hummus are meant to be together. There’s just nothing like warm pita bread dipped in your favorite hummus. Cut the pita bread into slices or triangles to get the best dip possible. You can also try a tortilla. Warm it up and roll it like you would when dipping into queso. Hummus isn’t gooey like queso but spreadable. You can also try spreading it on a piece of pita or tortilla to get your preferred amount in every bite.

4. Pretzels

Pretzels with hummus is delicious because of those salt pieces. Hummus usually isn’t salty, but the little hint of salt in every pretzel bite gives it good flavor. Whenever I pair hummus with pretzels, I usually buy pretzel chips which are essentially flattened pretzels. You could also use sticks, but you may not get enough in each bite.

5. Sandwich

Like I said earlier, hummus is very spreadable. So why not use it as a spread on your favorite sandwich? Just spread however much you’d like on a piece of bread, add whatever you’d like and go to healthy town. To make your sandwich even yummier, try a breadless sandwich. Grab some big pieces of lettuce instead of bread and enjoy.

6. Chicken

I haven’t tried chicken and hummus myself, but it sounds great. You can either cook your chicken in hummus or just add a dollop on top. I think this would be great for some chicken that turns out dry because the hummus could really take over and get your taste buds tingling.

7. Salad

How about instead of that fatty bottle of salad dressing, you try a few spoonfuls of hummus instead? There are tons of different flavors and the texture tastes great with those crunchy greens. Make sure your salad isn’t too wet or it could leave your hummus watery.

8. Pasta salad

A nice chilled pasta salad is only as good its dressing. That dressing can be a surprise scoop of hummus. Try some on your pasta salad. It’s just as delicious cold as it is warm. Make sure you get enough to cover your pasta and shake it to so that all sides are covered. Since the texture isn’t liquid like most dressings, make sure you test the pasta before serving to make sure you’ve got the right amount.

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