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We all hear about the daddy complex and those girls who only date men who resemble their father in some way.

How much of that is fiction? How much is that truth?

I once knew a girl who had messed around with a string of guys that were most definitely her type. She was having fun and enjoying their company. She had many sexual relations with these men. Over time she moved onto something else.

She then met a man that many thought was not her type. In fact, looking a the two of them together you had to wonder what she saw in him or he in her. Shock of all shocks– she went on to marry this guy. They had the big ceremony and the fairy tale wedding.

Before and after the whole wedding when she saw the two of them together you had to wonder what she was doing with him. I mean based on her sexual history he was not the type of guy that she would have gone for. When I said that this guy was definitely not her type, I wasn’t kidding. But if you took a closer look to who she was as person it wasn’t that hard to put it all together.

She was dating her father.

When I knew her growing up, she idolized her father. In fact she adored him to the point where you could have sworn the two of them were sleeping together. To say that she was daddy’s girl was and still is an intense understatement. I mean he bestowed on her every chance he got. In his eyes she could do no wrong. I mean he could have walked in on her and one of her sexual conquests and he would still view her as the “little princess.”

So when she got married many were baffled by the type she had chosen. But if you took a closer look at him you would have seen that he was just a younger version of daddy. He behaved in the same manner and he had the same intellect.

She behaved like mommy and she married daddy.

It may sound sick to wrap one’s head around this, but it does happen. The idea of daddy’s princess is alive and breathing in ways you can’t even imagine. Dear readers, how many of us choose a guy based on our relationship with our fathers. When we are with a guy how many times do we ask ourselves if it’s appropriate for us to be with him or not. How many will ask if their daddy will approve?

Now I never had a father, but I have had plenty of experiences with them and their little girls and I learned a lot. Many girls and young women will choose a mate based on their relationship with daddy and how he will measure up. In fact some will turn down a great guy because he doesn’t measure up to what daddy provided for them.

Why are some still afraid to leave the nest?

Why are some so attached to their fathers that they need to find a guy who is direct replica of that figure in their life? Even if we find that one person, are we bound to becoming our mothers and how they behaved towards their husbands? Are we just repeating the same vicious cycle without knowing it?

What is it about being daddy’s little girl that never lets us lead our own life? When it comes to daddy, why is he still the first love?

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