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Nice guys do not finish last. But fake nice guys do.

The difference between nice guys and fake nice guys is that the fakes expect to be rewarded for being nice. A true nice guy understands that being nice is not about being rewarded, it is about doing what is right. When a male takes a woman on a date, he can do everything he thinks is polite and still not get a second date. Even if he buys her flowers, holds doors open and pays for dinner, he is not obligated to receive anything in return.

Women are too often pressured to feel as though they owe a male their affections simply because he showed interest. If a guy buys a girl a beer, she does not have to kiss him. If a guy compliments a girl, she does not have to date him. If a guy buys a girl dinner, she does not have to go home with him. It sounds simple, yet many so-called “nice guys” cannot comprehend it.

If a man is simply being nice to get some type of compensation, then he is not a nice person. Instead, he is a manipulator with ulterior motives. A real nice guy understands when a woman just isn’t attracted to him. He knows that there are other things, such as chemistry, that also determines whether he gets a second date.

Women are not obligated to date a guy simply because he is nice, just like men are not obligated to date a woman because she is nice. When it comes to dating, there is no rule dictating what people find attractive and what traits people favor. Yet fake nice guys believe that by treating a woman with respect and kindness, they deserve a date.

When a man rejects a woman, she never complains that it was because she is too nice. Instead, she obsesses over her weight, her appearance and everything she did and said. Simply put, she blames herself.

When a woman rejects a man, however, he commonly believes that it is the woman’s fault. She does not like nice guys. She is only attracted to jerks. She always falls for the wrong guy.

It isn’t that women are not attracted to nice guys, they just want more. The reason women cringe when a guy is described as nice is not because it is unattractive. It is because he needs to have other positive characteristics. When a man is just described as nice, it means that he doesn’t have any other positive trait. When a guy is nice and funny, people say that he’s funny. The nice part is implied.

If a man is just nice, then women will still want to keep him around, just as a friend. That leads to fake nice guys complaining about being friend-zoned. Although men detest the friend-zone, it should be embraced. Sometimes women take longer to see that a guy is worth dating, and the only way a guy can show her is through being a good friend. Luckily, few fake nice guys will stick around long enough for women to date them. Instead, the real nice guys stay and eventually can reap the benefits. Because a real nice guy that thinks a woman is worth dating, will also think she is worth his friendship.

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