A common misconception in any relationship is that men are the only one who are making the mistakes. I see so many women out there blaming their boyfriend or their husband for something that THEY have done personally. I guess some women feel that it’s easier to blame the man instead of owning up to their own mistakes.

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Guys, are you dating a woman who is unnecessarily clingy? Or she becomes a bit too needy? It’s as if she can’t exist without you. Well, this is a big concern with many of the men out there and some are not even aware of it. When you are involved with someone does she feel the need to call you every five minutes to see where you are and what you are doing? When she calls does she always have to make sure that you love her and that she is the only one in your eyes.

Some of you may think that I’m joking here, but for many couples this does happen.

It’s as if the female is not giving their other half room to breathe. Ladies, just because you are now part of a couple doesn’t mean that your man’s whole world is only supposed to be about you now.  He had a life before you and just because you and him are together doesn’t mean that he is going to give up his life. I know if the shoe were on the other foot so many women out there would complain about this. Well, doesn’t your boyfriend deserve the same respect in return. If you wouldn’t want to be kept on a short leash, why would you do the exact same thing to him?

If you are really secure in your relationship, why would you feel the need to follow him around and check in with him every five seconds. To me, that shows lack of security and faith in what the two of you have.  The constant checking in also displays some control issues that some don’t even realize they have.



Some may view this constant need for attention and this unhealthy clinginess as a “cute ” thing. But to me it’s not only nauseating, but it also says to me that you are not secure in what the two of you have. So in an effort to make sure that he never leaves you get into this sort of pattern, in order to keep him at bay and make sure that he stays “yours”.

Ladies, if he is meant to be with you, he will be with you. By keeping him at bay you are keeping him a prisoner of your love. To me that is not love, it’s control .

If you really love your guy (as you say you do), you would give him the freedom to be himself, just like you would want the same freedom to be yourself.

Let him live his life, you’ll still be in it.

A relationship with another person is supposed to enhance who you are and your life, not define it completely. But why do so many think of as the sole definition of their existence?

There is an old saying “You have to make yourself happy first before you can make someone else happy.”

To me those are words to live by.

When it comes to love, why do some take prisoners instead of partners?

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