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It seems that politics are everywhere.

No matter where you look politics plays an integral part of all aspects of life. But does politics also play a role in our relationships too?

When there is a political party running for a platform we make a list of pros and cons for each every person. We make a list of things that we like about a person and we make a list of things we don’t like about a person. We then we weight both lists carefully and make that choice . If the pros outweigh the cons, that is a very good thing. But if the cons outweigh the pro list, then we chuck the person aside.

But are we also doing this in our relationships too.

When we begin to date a guy, everything goes so wonderfully smooth at the start. For all-intense-and-purposes their stock is up and as long as it remains up, we are happy. But what happens when the stock begins to plummet. Sometimes a person’s stock can plummet at a very slow speed and sometimes it can plummet at an alarming rate. But either way their stock is going down. Now what do you do?

I mean take sex for example.

We could have a great time in bed with a guy and never want to leave it, but then we break up with that person and we begin to see someone new. What happens when their performance in bed is not the same as what you once had? It could just be the type of person you are with. Or could it be something more?

When this happens will this be added to the con list. I mean take sex in the political campaigns. We like a candidate who stands for family values and everything morally. But when a sex scandal comes out, we dismiss them immediately. I mean the news stories only present one side of the story. But without even making the choice to investigate what was behind the scandal we dismiss that candidate without a second a thought. Are we doing the same thing with the man we are dating?

I mean if he is bad in bed, than why not have a discussion on how to improve things. Why are we so quick to dismiss a great guy over the fact that he is bad in bed? Let’s be real, every one is awful the first time around. It’s supposed to be that way. If you ever hear someone say that they were perfect the first time around in the sack, than they are lying. No one is perfect the first time. But with practice, sex gets better over time and you improve your stock so that it goes up.

When it comes to the lists of pros versus cons, why are we so quick to lean on the con list?
When we do why are we intent on playing politics with out partners? I mean everything is a negotiation of sorts. We say to one another “if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you.”

That right there is playing politics, but many don’t notice it. When was the last time we did something special for that person we care about without expecting something in return? When it comes to relationships why is there always a drama or scandal? How often are sex and politics interlinked and we don’t even take notice of it? Can we survive with out the lists and the drama or do we need it to keep the relationship going?

When it comes to the politics of sex, why is there always a debt?

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