“I’m going on a diet.” People say this all the time.

There are hundreds of thousands of diets such as the Atkins Diet, Mediterranean Diet and Weight Watchers.

It’s a new year and more people are looking to reach health and weight loss goals, but is a diet the way to go?

No matter which diet you try, you are still eliminating certain foods from your normal diet and eating less. This usually leads to fatigue and a change in mood.  In all, it’s just not fun to be on a diet and can be miserable for some.

No one enjoys going on a diet. It’s a challenge and can only withstand for so long. Whether it’s a few weeks or months, once a person goes off a diet, the weight can quickly sneak right back on.

It’s best to ignore all the new diet fads and to do what’s best for your body. Gradually changing your lifestyle is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.


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1. It’s healthy. A diet encourages less eating, which means the body could be starving for some of the nutrients it needs. Instead of eliminating foods, start eating healthier foods every day. Once you start eating healthier, you will really start to enjoy it and want to continue.

2. It’s long-lasting. Usually people on diets feel bad: they’re hungry, tired and cranky. Typically, people who are making healthy lifestyle changes feel great. They notice how the changes are improving their mood, sleep and energy level. This encourages people to keep going. People stick to it because they like how it makes them feel.

3. It’s attainable.  Diets are hard. It’s a constant struggle to think about what to eat and what not eat every day. It’s a struggle to avoid certain foods you love. Small lifestyle changes are easy. Eating an apple a day, drinking more water or walking more while at work, are all easy changes that do not take much effort.

Lifestyle changes are simply more effective than going on a diet. Eventually, small changes will become habit and part of your daily life. You can still enjoy some of the foods you love while making healthy choices for yourself. It will make a difference on the scale and in how you feel. Skip the diet this new year. Make small healthy lifestyle changes instead. You will be glad you did.



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