Protecting ourselves is a very important part of survival. Everyone needs to know what to do and how to handle any kind of situation that might come up. Only problem is that many of us are not educated properly on what to look for.

I am here to give you a few things to keep in mind on how to protect yourself:

Never travel alone

I’m not saying that there aren’t times when you shouldn’t be alone, but for the most part learn to travel with someone. Many of us call it the “buddy system”. 

This might sound a bit contradictory coming from someone who is always educating women and men on being adults and being their own person. There are times when that rule of thumb is the best to go by. However, there are times when you should not be alone. So when are such times allowed you may be asking yourself?

working late

being in a vacant parking lot after hours

shopping after dusk

These examples are just a few times when you should not be alone. If you are shopping late at night, because there is no other choice, than you need to be prepared. Learn to carry mace with you. This may seem like a bit of over-stated exaggeration, but in truth it’s really not.  Have the mace in your bag or on your person. That way if you suspect something fishy, you can react accordingly.

When you are in an abandoned parking lot or a shopping center parking lot after hours, this the perfect opportunity for someone to target you. They may not come after you right away, but they will watch you. If they notice that you are alone and not protected, they will wait for the right time to make their move. It may take a few moments or even a few days, but it will happen. Some offenders or gang members will scoop you and the situation out prior. They will learn where you go and what you do. In other words, they will learn your patterns. Once they have sufficient time and information, they will make their move.

They will come at you when no one is around. Some might thing that a shopping mall parking lot late at night, when other businesses are open nearby, will be okay. Truth is, they are not. Grocery store parking lots that are not connected to anyone or anything are also a good place for offenders to watch you.

If you sense that something doesn’t feel right, than leave and don’t return unless someone is with you. I have said this before in other articles, the offender or gang will not attack you if you are with someone. They want you alone, where no one can hear or see you.

If someone approaches you even in the daylight about helping them find their keys in the car. This is also a red flag to watch out for.  Basically the person is working with someone else. They are scooping you out and the situation. Now they may not lock you in the car and attack you right then and there, but they are working up to that, so be on the watch.  They may be pretending to be all nice and confused because they lost their keys in the car. But they are not as nice as it seems.

They intentionally lose their keys as a ploy to gain your trust. So don’t be naïve about this. The more naïve you are the craftier and more deceptive they can get. In fact, those who disguise themselves as a potential friend are the worst. This happened to someone I know and he was lucky to have nothing happen to him. So I am doing my part( on behalf of him) and educate you dear readers on the severity of this situation.

We all want to be independent. But part of being independent means knowing how and when to protect yourself.

We sometimes have to travel to unknown areas, but how you protect yourself will determine how you come back.


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