I see this type of thing day in and day out, dear readers.

Free Digital Photos | By artur84

Free Digital Photos | By artur84

I see so many people holding onto some past grudge or some past mistake that has been made by another. Instead of forgiving the person their short-comings and let the situation go, so many choose to hold a grudge.

So, my question is why?

I mean, we all want forgiveness in our lives, but why does forgiveness always come at some hefty price?

I study Kabbalah and one of  the greatest lessons, dear readers, that I have learned is that you don’t necessarily have to forget what happened, but it’s important to forgive. Forgive some one’s transgressions and give them some light. Now I understand that there are many things out there that have happened to us to make forgiveness a bit more difficult. But that is why it’s even more important to exercise that choose to forgive.

I mean think about this for a second.

We have all made mistakes and we have all done some stupid stuff. But haven’t we wanted to have forgiveness bestowed up on us for all of those things? When we choose not to forgive someone else for something that they have done to us, we are really not forgiving ourselves. Every act that we undertake reflects right back at us. Some actions are small and some are big, but either way every action is reflected right back onto us.

So, the next time someone does something that we find “unforgivable” think about this for a second or so. Is it really that unforgivable? And if put in their shoes, would we do the same thing to someone else. That’s something that many of us don’t think about. We neglect to pour our feet into someone else’ shoes. We get so caught up in the hurt and temporary pain that another has caused us, that we forget about something called the bigger picture.

Now take that person and their actions that are “unforgivable”. Is it the person that we can’t forgive or is it the action? That is something else to think about. You know the old saying “Love the person hate the game” or “Love the sinner hate the sin.” Well, my dear readers, true words were never spoken. We get so caught up in the person that has caused the pain that we forget that it’s not really them. It’s their opponent inside that it doing this to us. It’s their actions that were wrong and not necessarily the person.

We get so caught up in the person behind it that we forget that it’s not really them doing it.

That person wants forgiveness just like you and I do.

Shouldn’t they get that chance? The next time we have all done something wrong to someone else and we are looking for that forgiveness, maybe we should offer it to someone else too. Because by not offering someone else the forgiveness that he or she seeks, we are in a sense saying it’s okay if we are not given the same kindness in return.

Now do some situations that require forgiveness take longer than others, yes they do. But the point is to share our light and offer that forgiveness. Because by not offering our forgiveness we are trapping ourselves and others into the binding darkness, and not the eternal light.

When it comes to forgiveness, which will you choose, light or dark?

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