I knew this one girl who grew up Catholic. She was a very simple girl. God was very special and important to her.

One day she met this guy. They began seeing one another. She truly believed that she could marry him.

Free Digital Photos | By luigi diamanti

Free Digital Photos | By luigi diamanti

As they were discussing these details he informed her that his family was against the wedding. She upon hearing this she became very alarmed. It wasn’t that his family didn’t love her. But the bigger problem was that he was Jewish and he needed to marry a Jewish girl. Upon hearing this she inquired how big of a deal it was if his family could get passed the religion debate.

He told her that unless she converted for him and became Jewish there was no way that the family would embrace her fully. Now given the fact that she loved him more than anything she did convert for him, but at first very reluctantly. She found it kind of cruel and selfish that she had to give up everything that she believed in for the sake of this marriage.

She also found it a bit one-sided that her fiancé was agreeing with his family and what they wanted. I mean their marriage and relationship was supposed to be about what they wanted, not the family. The even spoke to a priest about this and he said that in the interest of having the marriage fully recognized by the church it might not be a bad idea. Since faith and God was very important to both of them she made the necessary changes.  but there was still a part of her that was hurt that she had to turn her back on everything that she believed in.

This kind of thing happens more than we realize. It seems that in any relationship we need to make compromises. To what extent do those compromises need to be? Why is faith always at the cornerstone of almost every compromise? If you are not Jewish, you have to either convert or lose the one person that you love. Now I’m sure there are many churches that will look past this, but not for this girl.

To what extent does our faith enter into our bedrooms?

Think about it for a second dear readers. We have some faiths that don’t allow sex until after you are married. Than we have some faiths that look the other way. So what happens when you get invested in someone who ends up believing that sex before marriage is wrong, when you have already done the deed, several times? Do you hold out for his beliefs? Or do you just throw in the towel and say you can’t deal it with it? So might say that it comes down to how much you love the person. If you love the person you will wait it out, not matter how long or tough.

If you end up going to bed with that person prior to the marriage, is the guilt going to be too much for you to deal with?

There are some that have sex and than shower because of the guilt brought on by the church and their families. Is that really a rule? Is it something that has been made up in order for us to keep our pants on? If religion does really hang over a person’s head that much is there any way around it? Or is it just something that you just accept, no matter how much you discuss it?

When it comes to faith, when is it time to put the book down?

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