It’s common to feel tired during the day, especially after lunch when energy is low. Since the workplace frowns upon snoozing at the desk, people often turn to caffeine to regain energy.

To kick the habit of brewing up a pot of afternoon coffee or buying a soda at the vending machine, you may want to consider healthier ways to stay energized and productive.

Believe it or not, there are natural ways to bring up energy levels, even during a fast-paced work week. What if your afternoon pick-me-up could be caffeine-free?

5 caffeine-free ways to boost energy:

1. Eat a Protein Packed Breakfast


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Do you have a habit of skipping breakfast? It can be a challenge to make time for breakfast in the morning, but once you make it part of your day, you will feel a big difference in your energy level. Eating a healthy breakfast can help keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Think of breakfast as your daily fuel. Eating healthy foods will help you start the day off right. Oatmeal, eggs, yogurt are all great options to fuel your body for a day of work.

2. Step into the Sunlight

Our bodies respond to light. Even artificial light can help. If you start to feel drowsy, take a 5 minute break to get some fresh air outside and enjoy the sun (if the weather permits, of course).

3. Take a Walk

Getting up and walking or doing any type of activity will get your blood pumping. Walk around outside or take a short walk around the office. You will feel refreshed and most likely be more productive once you get back to work. Plus, it’s an easy, quick way to add some activity into your day.

4. Control Stress

When a person is stressed, the body feels tense and uses up more energy. Stress is natural, but undergoing continual stress every day will wear a person out. Yoga, meditation and messages are effective relaxation techniques that will help calm the mind and body so you can use your energy in more productive ways.

5. Snack Healthy

Sugary treats raise blood sugar levels quickly, resulting in a crash later. To maintain a steady balance of energy, it’s best to snack healthy. Snacks with protein provide the most energy while satisfying hunger. Almond butter with apples, carrots with hummus, and plain yogurt with fruit are a few healthy, energizing options. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water because dehydration causes drowsiness.

You can feel energized all day without reaching for a cup of jo. It just takes simple adjustments and some effort to stay alert, focused and productive throughout the work week.



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