Developing a fitness routine for the first time or starting one up again can be intimidating. The good news is, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Here are some great work-outs that come with a support system.

Finding a fitness community that fits you:

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Dance Fitness

Although all group fitness classes can be considered community workout, I have found that dance fitness offers more time to create friends than bootcamp or cycling classes. One dance workout in particular, Zumba Fitness® aims to make each class feel like a party. As a Zumba Fitness® instructor, I find one of the best ways to create a party-like atmosphere is to have people do interactive moves and cheer for each other as well as doing some silly moves to get everyone laughing and make all levels feel welcome. The Zumba Fitness community also hosts Zumbathons® to raised money for national and local charities and friends in need.

Circus Arts

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Circuses themselves may come and go, but many areas have a circus community that stays all year long. Circus activities ranging from aerial silks to stilting are a great way to try something new and put your mind and body out of your comfort zone while engaging in physical activity. Added bonus: the people involved couldn’t be more welcoming. When I moved to Boston for school, my aerial silks instructor suggested a studio for me and they welcomed me with open arms. I also participated in a stilting class through OPENAIR Circus in Somerville, MA and was in awe of the community of all age levels learning stilts, juggling and stage combat in a large field on a summer evening. Circus arts are an especially great way to stay fit in a fitness community atmosphere with children.


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For many, practicing yoga is a lifestyle change and that can be intimidating, but the whole point of yoga is that it shouldn’t be intimidating at all. Most classes have students with a wide variety of abilities and students are instructed not to compare themselves to others. Because practicing yoga is about focusing on your own breathing and how your body is feeling, you aren’t really interacting with other students as much as some of the other activities listed, but there is certainly time to develop relationships with fellow yogis while waiting in the lobby and after class. As someone who has tried out different studios (whether because of moving or traveling), I found that each studio has their own sense of a fitness community, but all are nothing short of welcoming.



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Remember when you played sports in school not only were you in the best shape of your life, but you had teammates that felt like family? Good news: that doesn’t have to stop after graduation. Many cities and towns have adult sports leagues that you can join and some offer various skill levels. For example, Boston has Social Boston Sports which not only organizes leagues for sports from soccer to corn hole, but also organizes white-rafting trips. If there aren’t any leagues in your area, get a few friends together to shoot some hoops or play tennis. A little friendly competition can go a long way for your body and your mind.

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