We have all heard stories about hostile working environments and the signs that come with it.  A hostile work environment will crop up everywhere and they may be closer than you think.

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The next time you go into work take some time and think about where you work. Take a look around and really take a look at the people you work with. Like it or not, the people that we work with reflect who we are and who we might possible become. So in keeping with that message let’s take a look at some of the red flags that could  be there already.

When you work closely with someone are they sending you out a negative vibe that you are not picking up on? Let’s say that you have an associate that is a guy and he has the “hot’s” for you.  And you have made it perfectly clear that you are not interested at all. You have told him repeatedly that you have not intention of being with him, nor do you want to.  What if it doesn’t end there? What if he is trying every conceivable way to be close to you, in hopes that you will change your mind? What if keeps track of when you enter the building and when he leaves the building? I mean this does happen and many women just don’t pick up on it.

See, many women feel that if they tell the guy that they are not interested and they just go on ignoring it, the problem will go away.

This is a common misconception.

See in a hostile working environment the person who is doing this type of stuff wants you to think that the problem has been resolved. They want to lure you into a false sense of security. This is their motive really and this is not the only definition of a hostile working environment. There are other things that make the place you work hostile. What about repeated attempts at making digs at the way someone does their job or that they dress? What about others who go out of their way to place discriminatory practices on you. There are very subtle ways of doing this, without you knowing it.

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A boss can go out of their way to scrutinize everything that you do.

They can call you into the office and make up bogus complaints about your work and al because they are trying to create a hostile workplace for you. Their goal is to either get you to come over to their side or for you to quit.  If that doesn’t work, they will fire you. If your boss or co-worker happens to be into you, they might try making up rumors about you. And they will be the ones starting the rumors. Now you might ask why? Well, the answer is plain and simple. It is because you didn’t go out with them. People like this will resort to anything in order for things to go their way.

Now, if confronted with this type of situation you might try confronting them first. But usually they will deny everything and lay the blame on you instead.

That is just their way to get the upper hand.

Unfortunately sometimes women have the lower hands in this game of cards, especially when their boss is a man.

If confrontation doesn’t work, then it might be in your best interest to quit. Decided whether the job is worth the pain and the loss of your self-dignity or self-respect.  There are many different ways to solve this, it just depends on what is comfortable for you. Calling a hotline and reporting the incidents can’t hurt either.

I know that a career is very important to each and every one of us, but at what point does the job become “not worth it”?

Is it worth the hostility to punch the time clock?

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