Summer is always a fun season to dress up and experiment with bright colors, new styles and decorative outfits or accessories. Bring style to the beach this summer with some new, fun trends.

A new season brings on new creative looks.  Its a good time to shop for something bold and fashionable.

 For example: Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

These sizzling styles will help you spruce up for the beach this summer:

Colorful Beach Straw or Raffia Bags

If you’re spending the day at the beach, of course you’ll need to bring something to carry all your belongings in. Instead of bringing a backpack or purse, bring a fashionable beach bag. Beach bags can be just as stylish as purses and are usually much bigger. Choose a bright color or trendy pattern such as stripes, floral, or polka dots.

Bold Sunglasses

Say goodbye to the plain black and brown sunglasses. Colorful, decorative sunglasses are in style and for good reason. It’s the best time of year to wear statement accessories. There are so many shapes and styles including retro, round, rectangular, and cat-eye. A colorful, stand-out pair will accentuate your beach outfit.

Stylish Swim Suits

Find a decorative, bright or patterned suit to wear to the beach. There’s so much selection around this time of year! Victoria’s Secret is just one place you can find a wide-selection of suits. Mix it up with ruffles, sequence, print patterns or even polka dots.  If you’re looking for a suit with more coverage, try out a retro swimsuit this summer.

Large Sun Hats

A sun hat is a cute accessory you can add to your beach outfit to keep cool and protect your skin and eyes from the bright sun. A floppy, decorative hat will look fabulous with your beach outfit.

Casual Sundresses

Image courtesy of africa /

Image courtesy of africa /

casual sundress is always a good choice for the beach. A woman can never have too many sundresses! There are so many colors, styles and designs available in stores from floral to striped and short to maxi dresses. This style allows you to dress up and feel confident while still staying casual. A dress is also an easy choice to wear over the swimsuit.

Decorative Sandals

Women just love shoes, but sometimes in summer they can lose the excitement with plain, boring flip flops. You can find flip flops that are comfortable and stylish. Decorative flip flops, T-strap and slide on sandals are comfortable to wear in the sand and can add a touch of color or flair to your outfit. Go beyond the ordinary sandal and accessorize your feet with printed, jeweled, knotted or scarf sandals.

Refrain from mixing all of these bold pieces together at once, but one or two of these beach fashion ideas will allow you to enjoy time in the sun while staying fashionable for a day at the beach. It’s the time of year to really get creative and try new styles. Take advantage of it!

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