Picture yourself looking stylish and fashionable for a fun night out, but when you look down, you quickly realize your hands are looking dry and plain.

Has this ever happened to you?

Hands are often neglected, but the last thing you want is to feel insecure about how your hands look and feel. Your hands need attention and care to keep them looking and feeling great. Tips to get healthy, good-looking hands and fingernails:

Use moisturizing hand washNails

It’s important to keep hands and nails clean, but some hand washes will dry out your skin. Remember, not all hand washes are created equal. Find a milky, moisturizing hand wash to use when you are at home.

Apply hand cream frequently

Washing hands quickly dries out skin. Keep a hand cream in your purse so you can apply it to your hands anytime after you wash them. It’s important to find a hand cream containing oil because it’s the most effective way to keep skin moisturized. Grapeseed oil or safflower seed oil will keep your hands moisturized for hours.

Clip them

Clipping them will maintain an even length and prevent breakage. On a weekly basis, clip all your sharp ones down to the same length and avoid biting or picking at your fingernails.

Care for cuticles

Cuticles can often be ignored, but it’s important to frequently cut hangnails and push back cuticles on a weekly basis to keep nails healthy. Also, rub in some cuticle cream on each nail to prevent dryness.

Add style

Your nails need a little style too! Paint your nails or apply nail art to make them fashionable. Be sure to add a clear, strengthening polish first to keep nails healthy and strong. Have fun with it and experiment with your favorite colors.

Eat healthy

On top of caring for your hands and nails, it also helps to eat foods with protein and zinc to improve nail health. Egg, nuts and seafood are a few foods you could eat to strengthen hair and nails. Cashews, green beans and oysters are foods with a high amount of zinc to also help keep nails strong.

Nail and hand care goes beyond slabbing polish on your nails. Move toward getting healthy, strong and good-looking hands and nails with just a little attention and maintenance. With healthy hands and nails, you will feel confident the next time you shake someone’s hand and look fashionable from head to toe.

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