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It’s not Christmas time yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the act of giving back.

There are many of us that look forward to the holidays. For some of us it’s the best time of the year. Number one reason: Presents! But is that all there is to this time of year? For so many out there receiving gifts for the holidays is the only thing that matters. It never used to be this intense, but over the years things have drastically changed.

Taking it all for granted

We have become a society that takes so much for granted that we don’t know what it’s like to truly give unto someone, without expecting anything in return. Giving for the sake of giving is truly a remarkable concept for many of us. So why is that?  I spent the morning at a local church in order to donate a few items to those less fortunate. I began to look around and see all the canned goods and the disposable items, item such a diapers and boxed foods. You know, things of that nature. What I find truly remarkable is that these are basic necessities that so many of us have, and yet we rarely take the time to be grateful. All we do is sit back and think “I wish I had more. I don’t have enough.”

Have we become disposable too?

Much like the canned goods and disposable diapers we have become disposable and so have our blessings. We want to upgrade to something new and shiny. Whether it’s for your birthday or Christmas. Do we ever stop to consider those who are less fortunate? Do we ever stop to consider the notion that we someday might be less fortunate ourselves. The word less fortunate is a truly ironic word. For many of us, being less fortunate means not having the new Notebook PC mini to play with. Or not having seat warmers in our car, when everyone else does.

Giving back: How to make better choices over the holidays

If you donate clothes, used books, movies and toys to your local thrift or consignment shop, you are doing your part. If there is something that you are not going to use, then donate it. Find a local church chapter nearby. Speak to someone. They may not be able to take your items personally, which is the problem I ran into this morning, but at least they can guide you. They can guide you in the right direction, as they did me. Donate to Toys for Tots. There is always a child in need. Hit up your local stores to see how you can help. They take any goods that you are not using and either sell them or donate the items they can’t take to other places.

The important thing is that you are sharing your light with those in need. We all have problems, but sometimes the best way to forget about ours, is to help someone else out; someone who is far worse off than you or I dear readers. That is what the holidays are really about. It’s a notion that has been around since the beginning of time and yet seems to be lost more and more with each passing year. So let’s do our part to bring the true meaning of Christmas back!

What choices will you make this year?

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