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Are you trying to grow your hair out to a long length, but having trouble getting it to grow?

Some women believe their hair just won’t grow out, but the truth is, anyone can have long hair. It’s just a matter of taking care of it and keeping it healthy.

Follow these tips to help you grow your hair out long:

1. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

It’s best to use salon brands to keep hair healthy. The brands at drug stores are much more affordable, but keep in mind, the salon ones tend to last longer because you only have to use a little product each wash to clean and moisturize hair.

2. Don’t overdo shampoo.

Many people lather their entire head of hair to clean it, but actually hair does not need that much shampoo. Too much shampoo can quickly dry out hair. It’s best to massage the scalp with shampoo and let the rest rinse and run down through the hair. Avoid scrubbing shampoo into your ends. Growing your hair out should be easier this way.

3. Get hair trimmed monthly

It may seem like it wouldn’t help to keep cutting your hair, but getting a trim actually helps hair grow out healthy. Ends tend to break and get dry. With healthy ends, your hair will be able to continue to grow out healthily.

4. Avoid coloring hair

Color damages hair. There is not a way to get around this problem. If you want your hair to be able to grow long, you may need to stop coloring or highlighting it.

You can have long locks. You just have to take care of your hair. If you’ve been trying to grow it out, but are still struggling, try these tips. Also, talk to your stylist about what you can do to take care of your hair. Remember, healthy hair will grow long, shiny and beautiful.

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