Valentine’s Day is a day to give your sweetheart tasty treats, but what if you and your significant other are trying to stay away from high-sugar desserts?

You can indulge in sweet treats on Valentine’s Day while still sticking to your health plan.


Ditch the store bought treats and try making these healthy Valentine’s Day desserts:

1. Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Dark chocolate has less sugar and even has health benefits too! The less processed the dark chocolate, the better. Dip sweet, delicious strawberries into creamy dark chocolate for an easy-to-make dessert. You don’t have to stick with just strawberries. Almost any fruit tastes amazing with chocolate. You could also make a Valentine’s Day fondue meal with fruit and dark chocolate served for the dessert.

 2. Red Parfaits

Red parfaits are a mix of red gelatin, strawberries and yogurt. The red color and sweet taste makes these parfaits a great treat for Valentine’s Day. It’s a healthy and nutritional way to satisfy the sweet tooth.

3. Citrus Cranberry Chocolate Truffles

Instead of buying a box of chocolates, make your own sugar-free truffles.  Seems difficult, right? WRONG! These truffles are quick and easy. This recipe mixes a flavorful blend of orange, cranberry and chocolate. Use unsweetened chocolate and add flavor with Vanilla Stevia Extract, dried cranberries and orange juice. These are sure to be gone fast!

4. Chocolate Mousse

Even chocolate mousse can be healthy. It’s all about using unprocessed ingredients. This recipe calls for raw or unsweetened cocoa powder, raw agave nectar and an avocado. Chocolate mousse makes a great after dinner dessert!

Have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!

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