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Although it is 2013 and women all around the world are striving for equality, somehow all the modern rules went out the window during the week Kate Middleton went into labor.

There was much speculation ever since the Dutchess’ pregnancy announcement over the baby’s gender, but now it has finally been confirmed that the royal couple did produce a prince for Cambridge and potentially a king for England….then suddenly the world gave a loud astounding sigh.

Sadly the royal baby gender announcement revealed our sexism. Everyone was so proud of Kate for having a boy (although no one gave credit to Prince William who is biologically responsible for the baby’s gender) even though the law changed to where the first born will take the throne despite gender. One sexist response came from CNN correspondent Victoria Arbiter who expressed her true feelings on the gender announcement by praising Kate.

“The first thought that I had to say is this is how brilliant a royal Kate is. There are women throughout British Royal Family history who have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy and here we are. Kate did it — first time,” said Arbiter.

This makes me question if the baby was instead a girl if all the celebration would perhaps be fake. That somehow in the back of multiple people’s brains we would be disappointed for the couple for being the first to break the grand royal tradition of having a son rule the royal throne. Also everyone make such a big deal that Kate doesn’t come from a royal background, but her “ability” to have a boy now upgraded her to being a “brilliant royal”. Will she forever be seen as a brilliant royal for having a son, and not for the great amount of community service she has and will do?

Wendy Williams is another person who celebrated the news with blatant sexism when she talked about the subject on her show.

“I was happy for her because she gave birth. And I was even more happy that she gave birth to a boy because like I said now in case she doesn’t want to have anymore kids she doesn’t have to keep trying and trying. She can sow that up if she wants now,” said Wendy.

You may argue that Wendy was ignorant of the changing of the law therefore it is reasonable for her thought process, but Wendy went on to talk about the change of the law in 2011.

So, why still talk about her celebration for a boy on national television?

In the end it shows that many people still really do care about the gender of their baby even if it’s not politically correct. If we see that child having the potential to fill a powerful role like running a country (or let’s be honest be a face of that country with not much of a substantial role) then we prefer one sex rather than the other. We could brush off this slip up of sexism as an accident, but the fact is that today women are still are treated differently in the workplace, and this is another example of how we value our ladies less than men.

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