ID-100126619Your friend is walking to the bathroom before she stops short and asks for a tampon. Without even glancing at your purse you know you don’t have one. As she shrugs and turns away you wrack your brain trying to remember the last time you had your period. Then terror temporarily freezes your body as you realize the less than innocent activities you participated in since your period. Welcome to your first pregnancy scare.

Do NOT tell the guy

When struggling to survive a pregnancy scare it is best to keep the guy in the dark. Telling him that you maybe kind of possibly have a baby growing inside you will only stress him out, which in turn will stress you out. If it is a new boyfriend or recent hook-up, the news could send him into shock, or worse, douchebag mode. In a more stable relationship the father in question should take the situation better, but it is not a guarantee. Therefore, it is best to wait until you know whether or not you’re pregnant and have a rough plan before sending out a “I might be carrying your baby” text.

Keep it quiet

Although it might be tempting to call every number in your contacts, the less people you tell, the better. Most doctors recommend most expecting mothers stay mum on the topic for the first three months, so telling the entire planet about a possible pregnancy is sounding the alarm way too early. Also, nearly the entire country has an opinion on women’s reproductive rights and how to raise a child. The more people tell, the more opinions and three-hour lectures you will hear. Instead, only confide it close friends who will support any decision you make and will also help relieve any stress.

Wait to take a test

Any woman’s first reaction to a late period is to take a pregnancy test. But if it’s Monday and you normally start on Sunday, wait it out. It is not uncommon for a woman to experience a late period from time to time. Stress, illness and lifestyle changes can all result in a late period. So veto that trip to the drug store and wait until your period is at least a week late before buying a test.

Do not stress

Yes, having a baby is a life-changing event that necessitates plenty of thinking and planning. However, stressing out while in the middle of a pregnancy scare only intensifies your fear. As mentioned above, stress can delay a period. So by obsessing over a late period and crying while looking over bank statements, you could be making your period even later. This also means that you should avoid any baby-centered TV or news. “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” and “A Baby Story” will only induce another panic attack, which is unhealthy pregnant or not.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking while pregnant is a horrible idea. Drinking while possibly pregnant is a bad idea. Even if you plan on terminating the pregnancy, it is best to save drinking for when you are definitely not pregnant. Minds can change, and heavy drinking can result in birth defects. Plus, alcohol was probably a factor in your pregnancy scare, so stick to sipping cranberry juice sans vodka.

Plan (a little bit)

If you can manage to think about having a baby without hyperventilating, then it is perfectly fine to start thinking over your options. While you do not need to start a college fund for your maybe baby, something as simple as looking at your finances and roughly calculating a baby fund is harmless. After all, it never hurts to have a plan.

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