Source: SXC

Source: SXC

A nice glass of red wine with dinner sounds great, but is it good for your health?

We’re often told too much alcohol could hurt our bodies rather than help. There’s this rumor going around that wine in moderation is actually good for you and I’m here to figure out what doctors recommend.

The Mayo Clinic says red wine can be good for your heart, but then back tracks and says that they do not encourage those who don’t normally drink to pick up the bottle. Alcohol has been categorized as addictive and a lot of spirits can bring out the worst in your health.

Although, red wine is shown to have some great antioxidants working in your benefit.

While moderated intake of other types of alcohol like white wine or beer may be just as good for you, tests haven’t shown a staggering difference. The biggest difference between red wine and other types of alcohol lie in a little ingredient called resveratrol. The Mayo Clinic shows it decreases “bad” cholesterol and puts off blood clots. Researchers also found that the compounds also stall tumor growth. That ingredient is also found in dark chocolate as well.

Other studies show red wine can also help out diabetics. While eating dinner with a lot of carbs, wine could even out blood sugar levels. Now this subject is iffy for diabetics because the way one body reacts is different than another. Try a little test tonight. Check your blood sugar before the meal, dig in and wash it down with some wine. Check your levels a couple hours later. Some diabetics report that they’re back to normal without a bolus after dinner and a glass of vino.

Which wine is the best for your health?

Researchers at University of California at Davis say to stick with their suggestions of wine with the highest amount of flavonoids, or antioxidants. They say Cabernet Sauvignon is the winner followed by Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir. White wine has significantly less amounts of the good stuff. Here’s their test: the sweeter the wine the fewer the antioxidants, so drier wines are the best.

The future of red wine health helpers

New, yet-to-hit-the-market pills from GlaxoSmithKline are made of the most health boosting parts of red wine. The company is already testing mice and humans with a few of the forms. They each pill is 100 times more potent than a glass of red wine. Some scientists say it could prevent dozens of diseases while treating others. A Harvard genetics professor said the pills may actually slow aging.

Source: SXC

Source: SXC

Until these types of pills hit the shelves, we still have red wine to soothe the end of our days and help our hearts. Remember not to overdo it, even if the wine is to die for.

Negatives to drinking wine

Liquid courage is not low on the calorie scale. One serving of Cabernet Sauvignon is calculated at 123 calories. And as inhibitions lower, more glasses may be consumed making that calorie count skyrocket. As far as health concerns when it comes to wine, everyone is different. Ask a doctor if your body can keep up with alcohol consumption. Alcohol can contribute to a list of different negative side effects for those who don’t monitor their health properly.

Of course, contact your doctor before changing your diet. Red wine or any type of alcohol intake can really screw up the medicine you may be on. Just to be safe, reach out to your doctor and find out if one glass of vino a night is the right thing got your health.

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  • This is wonderful information! I guess I need to start getting my dad to drink a small glass of red wine with dinner!

    • Agreed! Nicely done Lexy, great info that helps to answer a commonly asked question.