I was walking in the forest today. I live in a private wooded area and I’m surrounded by trees, which I love.  As I was walking I began to reflect on a few things. Most of which are life lessons and what can learn from ourselves and others. I was drawn to this very large tree, I was drawn to it, not just because of how high or large it was but because of how strong it was. We had gone through some pretty serious weather over the last few years. We survived a hurricane about a year ago, next month. Many trees have come down and have been destroyed, but there are many that have remained in tact.

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Learning from nature and the trees
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The trees are stronger than we think

See this is what amazes me about trees, they can take a beating and still come out swinging. As I was looking at these various trees today I realize that they don’t just stand for the physical beauty in the world. They also stand for an amazing metaphor. And that metaphor is strength. So I am encouraging you to think about a time when you had to be that tall and unyielding tree. At what moment was your strength tested and at what moment did you have to make a choice? Making a choice could include leaving a relationship that was toxic and you had not choice but to leave. Was there a moment of truth where you had to be honest with someone about who you are and what you stand for, even if they didn’t like it.

What can the trees teach us

Is your faith being tested right now? Is someone challenging you to stick up for yourself in a way that you never imagined you would be? Are you becoming that unyielding tree? Are you being tested on where you stand with family and friends on a person you are involved with. Say you love a guy, but your family and friends don’t necessarily agree with your choice. Say they feel that you could do better. Sometimes in life you need to be that unyielding tree. That tree that doesn’t give into the fight, nor do you give into someone else’s convictions. I get my faith tested every day. Each time it gets tested I keep reminding myself that it’s my faith that has helped me to survive. I’ll always find a way to survive. Just like the weather throwing horrific elements at the trees to see how much they can take, life roughs us up too. But it’s what we do about it that makes the difference. So the next time you think about a courageous act that you have done, think about a few things: Did you stick up for yourself and what you believe in? Did you really give it your all?

We all have lessons we need to learn.

Life is going to throw things at you. Life is going to make you bend and bend until you see what you need to see. Until you learn what you need to learn. Only the strongest will survive in the end. When you see the survivors, remember that they are the ones meant to be standing still after everything has come and gone. Everything that has been tossed aside, has meant to be tossed aside. Sometimes we think we are losing something. If it was meant to be ours, it still would be there. If you are still standing after years and years of crap, there is a reason.

Learning a valuable life lesson is sometimes the only thing that keeps us strong. It’s not the ten pairs of halter tops we have hanging in the closet.  Once we learn that lesson we have come to learn, we can move forward.

The storms we weather are the lessons we are meant to learn. The trees are the strength we can use to push us through.

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