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We all want to become successful in life.

When it comes down to the expectations of high school students and college students the rules differ. High school students can get away with the excuses. They can show up late to class. They can mouth off during an exam and get sent to the principal’s office. That way the principal can deal with them and the teacher is off the hook.  They can ditch class and play hooky.

They can do all of these crazy things. The main reason why is that they are not mature enough to handle the stress of life as an adult. Most likely, they are still living at home and relying on mom and dad for support.  Because of the support,  some moms and dads make allowances for their laziness and excuses. So, again, a different set of rules.

How are the rules different for us adults

Adult students are grown up and have families to support. They are holding down at least one job, if not two or three.  The mentality needs to be different, if you are walking in these shoes. For example, the teachers will not be as tolerant if you don’t show up for class or if your work is late. Teachers expect more from you. Teachers will expect you to deal with the pressures. In high school they are more lenient. But with college, they are not so apathetic. If you miss a deadline than you will get penalized, unless you have spoken to the professor ahead of time. They don’t make as many exceptions for you as they did back than. Teachers expect you to work harder. They figure you are already holding done a job and supporting a family, so it shouldn’t be an issue. There are certain protocols that much be followed.

What life choices will make you a more successful adult

Set some goals. If you are in school, your teacher  can help you with this.  But, he or she will make it your responsibility. They won’t do the work for you.  You should already have other responsibilities in life, so this should be an easy one to follow.

Having perseverance and open mindedness is the key

No matter how difficult it gets, keep going. Allow for mistakes. Adults make mistakes every day. These are just tests.  Which is why no matter how tough something seems, you can’t give in.  If you make a mistake, own up to it and apply it to your future. These tips will help you all become a better student in life.  So allow yourself the room to grow.

Other things to keep in mind

It’s important to know your limits. You will always have options. If you know something is  going to be too much, don’t wait until the last minute to change your mind. Try to reduce any sort of procrastination that might come up. Try not to get into the trap of “I’ll do it later.” If you have a spare moment to do something, do it. In order to succeed in life,  you always need to be asking yourself “How can I improve upon myself?”

Always think positively and remember this: Life is going to throw you challenges. But if you don’t give in and keep at it, you will get the results you desire.

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