He's Just Not That Into You book | Photo from Flikr

He’s Just Not That Into You book | Photo from Flickr

  • First off this move was based on a book.
  • Secondly, Brad Cooper is yummy.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way about He’s Just Not That Into You, let’s begin to discuss some very important things.

Over the years I have seen countless women going on and on and about the guys that they have been attracted to. Let’s be honest with ourselves, how many of you have imagined the monogrammed and towels and robes? How many of you have thought about the wedding song and the sets of puppies that you will get to call your children?  You start to imagine little scenarios of the two of you together.

The two of you become inseparable, at least in your mind.

Just as quickly as you begin to imagine his and hers bathrooms the guy just lets you go.

He suddenly becomes less interested. We begin to wonder why he has become less interested. You start to go over every little thing that you could have possibly done. You begin to think of ways to not get them to leave. Ladies when this happens, have you noticed that some of the thing that we resort to are a bit out there? You will resort to anything to keep a man. Yet sometimes this happens when you don’t even have them yet. Isn’t that a bit sad?

Ladies, let me give you some helpful hints here. If a guy wants to see you, he will go out of his way to see you. Ladies, a guy will be booking the second date, even before the first date is over. Have you ever noticed that sometimes a guy will act like he doesn’t care about certain things that you do or say, this can even happen when you are first starting to get to know one another.  When this happens the guy is not just “appearing” to “not be interested.”

Take it as a sign that is clearly stating that he’s not interested.

Have you ever been out to a bar or nightspot where you strike up this amazing conversation with this guy you just met. In your head you are feeling on top of the world because you feel that it’s going great. But please do yourself a favor before it’s too late.

  • Put the drink glass down and stop talking.
  • Take a look at him and his body language.
  • Ask  HIM questions.
  • Don’t make it all about you!
  • Look at the body language.Don’t just go by the kip action, because the body could be saying something totally different.
  • Don’t just assume that everything is going great.Look for the signs. Signs such as the shifting of the eyes.

If his eyes are constantly distracted for no particular reason than it means that he is looking elsewhere for another person. If you are one to sit there and talk nonstop for the few hours that the two of you are together, try something new. Try not talking.

I know some of you have the gift to gab, but this can also be a disadvantage when trying to figure out if he’s into you or not. Try sizing up the situation first. I know this may sound calculating, but this can help you to figure out if he’s going to be asking you for another date or if he’s just going to leave you cold. It can also serve you in future relationships, if the current one is not working out.

Why do you think some guys walk early. They know when something is going to work and when it isn’t. For guys it’s that simple. Unfortunately for women they complicate things, even when they shouldn’t.

Sometimes you have to change some of your motives in order to survive in the dating world. When it comes to the dating world, take that “not into you” and make it an “into you!”

Photo from Flickr.

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