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Are you using spirituality right?
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A great teacher once told me that you can read all the great books and consult with all of the great sages, but if you are not putting these teachings into practice, they are useless.

The  next time you are out and about doing errands, be conscious of who is around you. Put down the phone for one second. The text can wait.

Say that you are in line at the checkout and the person who is helping you perceive to be a bit rude. Most of us will resort to the reactive statement “Wow, he or she was rather rude. I’m a customer and I should be treated with respect.”

What we fail to see when we do this is the other side of the coin.

What if the person who was assisting us is having a bad day? We worry so much about ourselves and the way we are treated, that we fail to see the other person in the picture. We are all interconnected in the universe, no matter who the person is. It doesn’t matter if we like the person or we don’t, they are still a part of our community.

What we fail to notice is that each every action that we undertake displays an equal and opposite reaction. You might have viewed the checkout person’s behavior as rude. But there is always a bigger picture to consider. The next time this happens, try this smile at them and make a joke.

Okay a joke may or may not be the best solution here, but try to compliment them and cheer them up. Instead of being reactive and making it all about you, turn it around and try to help the other person. This will go along way. I’m not saying that it will work every time, but every positive thought and gesture cancels out several negative ones. This goes for our enemies too. The best way to unravel an enemy is kill them with kindness.

So many of us pray and pray for guidance.

Yet when he does come through and show us the way, we fail to see it. Partly due to the fact that we assume that our prayers will be answered in a way that we expect. So we don’t consider any other alternatives. We assume that God will do all the work, so we become lazy and our consciousness doesn’t evolve the way it should. Remember whoever you look for during spiritual times only helps those who help themselves.

God will come through, but it will be when he is ready, not you.  We tend to make it all about us and that is not the way it works. We are okay with doing the work as long as it won’t compromise our standing in life. It’s okay as long as the work doesn’t take us out of our comfort zones.

The real work is in taking us out of our comfort zones. We have to be taken from there in order to evolve.

We want good things to happen to us and reap the rewards because of it. In order for that to happen we need to help others. That is where so many stop cold.  They want the rewards, but they don’t want to do the work to achieve them.  When it comes to the real work, it doesn’t involve doing something to help out another, in order to receive validation.

It has to come from a purely selfless place.

Having congratulations on a job well done is one thing, but outwardly seeking it every second of the day is another.

These are all lessons that I have been learning over the past few years and I gladly impart them onto you.

Paying it forward: Are they just words from a movie,  or are we actually do the work?


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