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Ladies, I’m sure that you have heard by men before “Don’t say this to her, she’s too emotional.”

Or “Be careful what you do, she’ll freak out.

What once was perceived as a joke has become the embodiment of all women. Women are seen as these emotional creatures who can’t make an rational choices, especially when their emotions get involved.

So why is it that men automatically assume that just because women are emotional that they are highly temperamental as well? I knew this one girl who would cry at the drop of a hat. I mean she wore her heart on her sleeve that much. At the same time, she was capable of making rational choices and she could cut any man down to size. It was quite fun and interesting all at the same. Because she embodied both the old myths and the new ways of thinking all in one. Than one day this guy caught her crying over something and he blabbed it to the rest of the place. The next day her secret was discovered and others around her played eggshells with her.

Why the eggshells?

So why was it necessary for this co-worker to tell everyone that this tough-as-nails woman was crying? Why did it matter or why does it matter? Is  it because secretly guys wish they could be as emotional about things as woman are?  Do guys only want to see women as women?

It makes me wonder if there is some sort of intimidation factor.

I mean guys are so used to high-fiving each other and lighting up the cigars and congratulating each other on being masters of the universe. Being masters of the universe doesn’t include crying or showing emotions. Guys walk around like their part of their little club everywhere they go, but the minute they show emotion in any way they are viewed as “not part of the club.”

Their club does not wear hearts on their sleeve.

So because it doesn’t include emotions of any kind they have to down play what women go through. Men feel that the have to undermine those things that they feel are not valuable in order to feel more superior. It’s interesting how women can be revered in so many ways and yet when it comes to showing emotions they get blackballed.

It’s not just in business that this happens, it’s also in the personal end of our lives too. Ladies have you ever heard a guy say this to you? “Calm down, I can’t talk to an hysterical woman!” Now I don’t know about you but I would find this insulting and I would find it to be completely undermining and I’m a guy!

What is about wearing your heart on your sleeve that costs so much? Is it the very idea of letting down your guard and showing your vulnerability. This is definitely a question I would pose to many of the guys I know.  So why do women embrace vulnerability more easily than men? What is about the mere mention of this that throws men into a panic?

When it comes women versus men, why are men the more vulnerable creatures?

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