Eyes are the center piece of the face. They are the first trait people see when they look at you. They can also say a lot about us and how we are feeling. You can tell if a person is tired, sad, happy or bored just by looking at their eyes.

Sometimes eye makeup can do more harm than good. We all want our eye makeup to make us look more youthful and bring out our eyes.

Follow these tips and tricks to make your eyes pop:

Blend in concealer around the eyes

Concealer will help cover any wrinkles or dark spots around the eye. Before applying any eye makeup, use concealer and foundation around the eyes to cover problem areas.

Eye Makeup

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Apply eyeshadow that brings out your eye color

The color of eyes is what truly makes them beautiful. A blue tinted eyeshadow will really bring out the color in blue eyes. A purple eyeshadow really compliments and brings out green eyes. Find the right color for your eyes. There are eyeshadow palettes that are made specifically for eye colors. To get a smokey eye look, apply a darker color on your lid and continue adding lighter colors above. Then blend with a brush and add shimmer under the brows.

Draw on eyeliner around the eye

Simply apply eyeliner to make your eyes stand out. Draw on black or colored eyeliner on the eye lids and under the eyes to bring out the white and color in your eyes.

Curl eyelashes with mascara

Eyelash curlers can damage and weaken the eyelashes. To maintain long eyelashes, ditch the curler and use your mascara brush to curl eyelashes up. Simply apply mascara with the brush vertical to lengthen the eyelashes.

Brush on an extra coat of mascara

If you want lashes to look even more thick, apply another coat of mascara. After the first coat dries, brush on another coat using a mascara that won’t make clumps.

Brighten the eye area with a highlighter

Once all the eye make up is on, dab on highlighter around your eye and along your brow bone to add life and brightness to the area.  Highlighter will make you look younger and draw more attention to your eyes.

Anyone can make their eyes standout. It’s all about the eye makeup. These tips will help you experiment with your makeup and have some fun with different looks.

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