What if there is that one special person that you are supposed to be with and you don’t even know it? Or even if you do know it, there is that fear that holds you back inside. What if because of that fear you make certain choices and you side step the destiny that is set out for you?


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It’s this very question that has left me speechless for many years. I was held back by fear for many years, due to various environmental and psychological factors.

It ruined me for a long time.

Over time I came to break down those walls and learned to break free of almost everything that was keeping me bound for such a long time. Because I knew there was a destiny that was waiting for me. In part, this destiny attributed to someone I met about 2-3 years ago. I knew he and I were destined to be together from the first moment we met. Soon after we connected we were separated.

After that, I worked hard to break down those walls that were holding me back, so that I could free myself of that bondage that my past held over me. Similar to the bondage that the people of Israel felt when they were exiled.  As the walls started to come down and I began to resolve the pain inside this man still remained fixated in my head. He not only never left, but he never will. I was going to do everything I could to get back to him.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes my story.

My reason for bringing this up is because I’m asking you, dear readers, what is holding you back? Is there someone special in your life that means everything to you, but yet you are too afraid to do something about it. I ask this not in judgment, but merely as an observational tool.

Breaking down those walls can be a heavy dose to swallow.

But it becomes absolutely vital if we are to unchain ourselves from our past and our past mistakes. Now believe me I made my fair share of mistakes in the past, but nothing compared to what I would have faced if I simply just let him go. See it doesn’t matter what obstacles or pressure stand in our way, he and I are meant to be together. I learned and continue to learn to face the fears and carry on so that I can meet my destiny.


Have you dear readers ever made a choice that you thought was right at the time but it somehow made you miss your fate? I know some of you may not believe in fate, but it is worth pondering. Is there something or someone that you have let go of at some point, but the memory of them still remains fixed within you? Maybe the memory still remains fixed within you for a reason.

I have learned that there is a reason for everything in our lives. What we have to be willing to do is look into that reason. We all are connected to our pasts but what if our past is keeping us from moving forward, moving forward to meet our destiny.

When it comes to our destiny and who we are meant to be with, why do we allow fear to hold our deck of cards?

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