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This may sound like a silly question to you, my dear readers, but there is a good reason why I bring it up.

Does money really buy you happiness?

You see we are taught to believe that money is the key to everything, including our own happiness. But what if it’s all a lie? What if the monetary value is that we place so much significance on is a complete an utter illusion?

I grew up in an adopted home and they placed value on many things, chief among them was money and materialism. I know it sounds good to speak of, but it really wasn’t. Money can hide many things from the world– some of it being pain and an external sense of self and love.  For many years I clung to that existence and than once I woke up I found it to be a complete lie, just like my adopted home life. And that can do many things to a person.

When we think of money we believe that the more money or the more possessions we acquire the happier it will make us feel. But this is just a temporary fix to a permanent problem. They say money will make the problem go away. It may, but only up to a certain degree. But sooner or later that same problem that you were trying to run away from will come back. It all comes back to you eventually.

Am I saying that money is the root of all evil?

Of course not, no.

But money does come with a price attached to it. We cling to the material world like it’s our last leg or like it’s our last chance for survival. What if it’s not? I grew up with those who believed that gifts hide the pain and it will distract you from what is really going on.

Sooner or later you need to wake up to what it’s doing to you.

The more we get the more we want, or so we are taught. But what if there is more to life than this? What if the possessions we acquire are not the be-all-end-all of our existence? Look at Madonna’s song “Material Girl.” Now if you listen closely there is a great deal of irony in this song. Even Madonna herself said she meant it to be ironic and in the video she was actually rejecting the diamonds and the materialism. But how many picked that up? How many wanted to?

You can spend years and years living this kind of life and then wake up one day and realize that you are everything you never wanted to be. What do you do then? You spend your whole life, up till that point, living a lie. And what will become of that lie. Will you carry on clinging to the same lost dream about money and happiness? Or will you spend some time evaluating what is really important. Like it or not, the role that money and material goods play in our lives have a direct effect on our health.

There is a line in a song that goes something like this “How high are the stakes? How much fortune can you make?”

Well, the same rule applies to our lives and the world around us. Does the external happiness mean more to us than the internal happiness? Do we care more about the Benjamin Franklins of the world than we do about our relationship with ourselves and those around us? Is spiritual growth even a factor in our world or is it just something that we keep on speed dial for tough times?

When it comes to the material world, why is it more material than immaterial?

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