Fall is approaching fast. It’s a beautiful time of year when the leaves change color, but as the temperature cools down, the air also becomes dry. This may start to affect the look and feel of your skin.

Most people experience dry, itchy skin in fall and winter. Some are affected by the weather change more than others.

Commercial products usually contain dangerous toxins. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of natural ways to help treat dry skin.

If you have dry skin, try some of these natural methods to keep your skin moisturized during the chilly fall and winter months:

Use Oils from Your Kitchen

Some of the most natural and effective moisturizers are available right in your cabinets. Grapeseed oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and sunflower oil all have natural moisturizing benefits to keep you skin feeling smooth and soft.

Make Your Own Lotion 1211545_75852720

If you prefer lotion over using oil alone, you can make your own lotion with ingredients from the super market. There are plenty of home-made lotion recipes you can find online. Pinterest is just one example of a helpful recipe resource. This will allow you to mix only natural ingredients to create a non-toxic, moisturizing remedy.

Exfoliate Every Day

Exfoliating will remove dry skin cells, allowing newer and younger skin cells to emerge. If you exfoliate with a wash cloth or brush every day in the shower, your skin will better absorb moisture and feel softer. You should also scrub your face each night to remove the dry layers. This will help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Moisturize Twice a Day

The best time to moisturize your skin is right after your shower when your pores are open, and right before bed. Simply make it a part of your daily habit to apply moisturizing oils and lotions to your common dry areas. Continual application will help heal flaky dry patches.

Eat Omega Rich Foods

Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids help keep skin cells hydrated. Fish, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, avocado and flax seed oil are all Omega 3 foods.  If you include any of these foods in your daily diet, you will most likely start to notice smoother skin.

Drink Water

Lastly, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help keep your entire body hydrated, including your skin. Keep your glass filled with water all day and you will not only feel fuller and healthier, but your skin will look and feel better too!

Your skin wants to be naturally moisturized, healthy and beautiful. It may just need a little help from natural remedies and care. In all, if you make an effort to care for your skin, you will see improvements in how your skin looks and feels.


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