Eating out less is one small (yet effective) lifestyle change you can make to become healthier.

In order to eat out less, you will need to plan ahead. This not only requires cooking healthy meals at home, but also packing healthy lunches.

To make sure you can always pack a healthy lunch, you will need to go grocery shopping at least once a week. This is necessary because healthy foods tend to have short shelf life. To prepare for the week, you probably will want to have a few lunch ideas in mind.

Here are a few healthy lunch ideas:

1. Veggies and hummus

Every week, buy new veggies to add variety to your lunches. We all know vegetables are the healthiest food group. Hummus is also a great source of protein. Packing veggies in your lunch is a way to make sure you eat vegetables every day. Celery, carrots and broccoli are all nutritious choices that taste delicious with hummus.

 2. Fruit salad

Image courtesy of paytai /

Image courtesy of paytai /

Fruit salad is an easy-to-make side you can enjoy with your lunch. It’s also very easy to make differently each week. Buy your favorite fruits, cut and blend them together into a colorful, sweet and delicious dish.

3. Milk

Bringing beverages to work or to school will help keep you away from the soda machine once lunch time comes around. Milk is a healthy drink choice to enjoy instead! If you buy small cartons, you’ll be more likely to grab one to pack in your lunch on your way out the door.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is a very healthy grain and tastes delicious with veggies.  It’s easy to cook the night before and bring to work the next day to warm up in the microwave for lunch. Also, add in your favorite meat such as chicken, shrimp or beef to add extra nutrients and protein to your lunch. Quinoa rice also makes a great addition to a chicken or fish wrap!

5. Apple with almond butter

Apples with almond butter makes a great snack, but can also really add to a lunch. The almond butter will help keep you full throughout the afternoon while the apple provides plenty of nutrients. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

As you are making your grocery list, add a few of these healthy items. Planning and preparing for lunch each week will make it easy to eat a healthy lunch every day.

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